Jun 072016
I Slaad: Wide Angled Vision of Destruction

I Slaad: Wide Angled Vision of Destruction

Special thanks to DDOCast 429; DDO Debates: Is DDO Enough Like PnP? No, it is not!

Images are from this past Sunday’s hike up to the Buller Pass above Ribbon Lake. I have always made the journey to the lake from the other side of the pass and was pleased with the fresh perspective which the new approach offered.

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Ps. I honestly thought, despite the chart showing the available familiars, that I might be destined for the Cutest Little Jumping Spider ever, but he just kept going… And going… And going… 🙁 oh well, I gots me a toad that thinks he’s a Slaadi. So cute!

Slow motion: the really impressive jump is right near the end of the video. I apologize for my poor focusing mojo but upon reflection; maybe it’s not my fault, could the spider be using a displacement clickie? Nah, probably just a blur. http://youtu.be/-CGK8iNGHLo

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  1. Is that a frog in your pocket?

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