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Since I’ve gone back to work my creative time at the computer has truncated. No worries, I just have to be more efficient! So here I am, efficiently combining blog time with game design time.

Today I am working on DDO The Card Game. I have this pretty much done in my head, with only a few open questions that I hope to resolve by writing everything down. Please feel encouraged to make suggestions, especially of the “edit this text to be more readable” type, but really, any suggestions at all.

You can expect to see more of this as time goes by.


DDO The Card Game (DDOtCG) is a cooperative card game for 1 to 6 players. The game is loosely based on our beloved Dungeons & Dragons Online, but doesn’t really have to be, I just used DDO for art and names and inspiration. Especially the inspiration part. If the game turns out as good as I hope, I will change the name and any art to something non-proprietary. But that is someday, for now, it is DDO! The Card Game!

Players band together to defeat quests, building up their characters by accumulating loot, in the hopes of gaining enough strength to defeat the inevitable Raids. Fail a Raid – even one! – and all is lost. Arraetrikos overruns Stormreach. Everyone loses.

DDOtCG includes over (500? Not yet finalized) cards. 120 are shared by all the players. Shared cards include Monsters, Quests and Raids, divided up into Heroic, Epic, or Legendary.

Players choose from the other 400-odd cards to build 60-card decks – called Loot – which include Hero cards, level-ups, feats, enhancements, weapons, armor, spells, public instances and more. Many of the Loot cards require other specific Loot to be useful; you will be able to build your characters just about as many different ways as you can in the online game.

Setting Up

  • Shuffle the Heroic, Epic and Legendary Monster decks, keeping them separate
  • Shuffle the Heroic, Epic and Legendary Quests, keeping them separate. Draw the top X (see chart, below) Quests from each Quest deck. Set the others aside, they will not be used.
     Number of Players      X
            1               5
          2 or 3            6
            4               8
            5               5
            6               6
  • Each player creates a deck of 60 Loot cards

(an open question: do players build decks? Or randomly draw 60 cards? I think build.)

  • Each player pulls any one Hero out of the Loot cards, deploys it, and then shuffles and cuts the remaining Loot deck
  • Determine the first Party Leader
  • The first Party Leader draws four Loot cards. Everyone else draws five
Setting up to play DDO the Card Game

Three players setting up for DDO the Card Game

Turn Sequence

Just like in DDO, players build their characters, then choose a quest, and fight the bad guys in the quest. If they win, the collect an end reward. And win or lose, there is always banking and cleanup.

The Build Phase

The Party Leader draws one Loot card, straightens any Tapped cards, and deploys as many cards from hand as desired

Quest Phase

  • The Party Leader draws the top Quest card
  • Starting with the Party Leader, everyone chooses which one of their un-Tapped heroes will attempt the quest, if any
  • Hero cards are lined up as they enter the quest as shown in figure 2 (do not move the whole hero stack into the Quest area, only the hero itself) (need to create this figure)
  • The Party Leader draws one Monster Card for each committed hero; the monster begins Focused on that hero (Monster Focus is explained later)


The heroes go first! Repeat Hero Actions and then Monster Actions until all Monsters are defeated or all Heros have retreated or died

Hero Actions

Each Hero player may do one thing. Starting with the Party Leader, each player that has a committed Hero may do one of the following:

  • Retreat from the Quest
  • Use one Tap or Discard action
  • Perform a ranged attack against any Monster
  • Perform a melee attack against a monster in melee range
  • Close to melee range with any Monster
  • Straighten a Tapped Hero
  • (If controlling a Monster) perform a controlled monster’s Monster Combat text.
Monster Actions

Each remaining monster that has not been Tapped performs its Monster Combat text, if it has any

  • Starting with the left-most Monster
    • If the Monster is un-Tapped then resolve its Monster Combat text
    • If the Monster is Tapped then straighten it but do not resolve any text
Boss Fight

Once all of the monster cards have been defeated, players may take on the Boss (described on the quest card)

End Reward

If the Heroes win, all un-retreated Heroes draw Loot according to the Quest Card reward text

Banking Phase

  • The Party Leader performs any remaining out-of-quest actions
  • All Warforged characters, belonging to any player, heal to full
  • The next player clockwise becomes the Party Leader and the game advances to the next Build Phase


Enough for now, off to work with me. Still need: how to do combat. How to play the different types of card actions. And of course, the cards themselves.

Just in case you were curious, this all started back with this accidental article from February.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. I soooo want to be in your test group for this!

  2. A D&D flavored CCG sounds terrific. Keeping my eye on this…

  3. Loot deck!!!

  4. Awesome, when are you releasing it:)

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