Nov 182016


Clever DDO reader (as if there were any other kind) Bob asked a very reasonable question:

Does one need to print all 457 cards, or is this a starter deck plus boosters sort of affair?

A simple question, yes? And in retrospect, an obvious one. Yet surprisingly difficult to answer satisfactorily.

I’d run into this myself earlier this week when I was ordering cards from the printer. Which do I need to conduct a play test? In what combinations?

The answer is not at all satisfactory. Too complicated.

But here it is:

First, select an Adventure Pack. I am using Adventure Pack 1, Against the Storm Giant. Then start printing:

  • Once only, to be shared by everyone, print all of the affliction and status changes from the Base set
  • Once only, to be shared by everyone, print all of the monsters and quests from that adventure pack
  • For each player, print all of the rest of the cards from the Base set
  • For each player, print all of the rest of the cards from the adventure pack

See what I mean? Unsatisfactorily complicated. Unless you are playing solo, in which case you just print one copy of everything in the base set and in the first adventure pack.

The problem is the idea that all of the players each get a complete set of Loot cards. How does one go about distributing that? You can’t put it in a box. Or maybe you could, but you end up limiting the number of players to the number of Loot decks in the box. And you make the game much more expensive for anyone that might want to play solo.

So, back to my printing dilemma, I ended up making four decks, as described in the bullet points above, and ordering one copy of the first two and three copies of the second two.

But I need a better solution.

Question answered, Bob?

Even if not satisfactorily?

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Thanks Geoff, I was overwhelmed by the 457 card article, so this is very welcome.

    I’m sure I will need to go back over all these DDO the Card Game articles, to refamiliarise myself with … everything!

    I think the print department owes me a few hundred in printing, can I convince the printers to take some sort of card and do me some nice colour sets? Quite possibly. (I’m now wondering what the reverse of these cards looks like, re my previous comment about refamiliarisation.)

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