Jan 102017

I’d rather post these directly, but I can’t get the formatting right.

I took someone’s advice and checked out the way that rules are formatted and organized in some of my favorite games. A couple of them had this dual-column layout where the rules were in the main column, with commentary and additional information in a smaller secondary column.

I really liked that. But it is hard to show here as a blog page. So I’m not trying. Click the link, see the rules.

DDOtCG Rules 2.0

I hope that some brave soul will have the time to take a pass through these and provide comments and criticism.

Any brave volunteers?

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. It might be just me but “Or else the world descends into evil and despair.” makes it sound like that could happen when the Heroes win…. (page 3)

    To be honest I’ve skimmed the rules (at work, should be actually working) but they seem very well laid out and readable to me.

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