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This is part of a continuing series where I present my thoughts about a DDO-inspired card game for your input and dissection. Previous posts include:

Game description and rules:

Overview, card types and deployment, combat, class balancing


Bard, Favored Soul, Cleric, Arcane spellcasters, Rangers and Rogues, Melee classes

Everything else:

Monsters, races, feats, spells, statuses and afflictions, heroic quests, epic quests, traps & puzzles


I am coming to some conclusions. See the bottom of the post for details.


Quest Cards


Under the Big Top Succubus 0 9 9 8 9
Chains of Flame Efreet 9 9 9 8 9
Inferno of the Damned Cinderspawn 10 10 10 8 12
The Prisoner Elven Shadow 0 0 10 9 10
Running with the Devils Bearded Devil 10 0 10 9 10
The Tide Turns Ogre Magi 11 0 11 9 11
Ghosts of Perdition Doomsphere 0 0 12 0 12
Power Play Bladeforged Paladin 12 0 12 10 12
Old Tomb New Tenants Yuan-Ti Abomination 12 12 12 11 12
Prey on the Hunter Discard any Traps drawn and re-draw White Dragon 12 12 8 10 12
Madstone Crater Victors draw 2 Loot cards and immediately discard 1 Giant Mage Skeleton 12 12 12 12 12
Eyes of Stone Medusa 13 0 13 12 13
Devil Assault Horned Devil 13 13 13 12 13
Coalescence Chamber Discard any Optional Objectives drawn and re-draw Gelatinous Cube 14 0 10 14 15
Against the Demon Queen Marilith 15 0 10 15 15


New Monsters Not Already Described Elsewhere

Cinderspawn Boss, Undead Frostfire Smash: Force Tap all in Close Combat with current HP less than or equal to this boss Elemental: Immune to fire damage
Elven Shadow Boss, Illusion Retreat to Ranged Lightning Bolt: Do current HP of damage to focus target Incorporeal: immune to melee and ranged attack
Ogre Magi Boss, Giant Cone of Cold: Does current HP of damage to focus target, or to all opponents if there is target is in focus Retreat: The first time this boss is reduced below half hit points, retreat to Ranged (if not already there) and restore all HP
Yuan-Ti Abomination Boss, Reptillian, Humanoid
Giant Mage Skeleton Boss, Undead Cursed: when resolving successfule Melee attack, apply one Curse. Boney: Ignores weapon damage from piercing and slashing weapons


It is becoming more clear to me that:

  1. The idea behind Quest Text is not working. All a Quest card really needs is the Boss. Having the name of the quest there too may be appealing to DDO players, a nice piece of fidelity to the game (“hey look – Prey on the Hunted really has a White Dragon boss!”), but for anyone else it is going to seem random and maybe should be just excised altogether. Maybe I should rename them from Quest cards to Boss cards and drop all the questy stuff.
  2. Having bosses that were not defeated in quests reappear in the raid is a losing idea. Failing the quest is penalty enough.
  3. The game seems to be coming together in the form of three sets; one Heroic, one Epic, and one Legendary. Meaning only the Heroic set would be created first and made available for playtesting. Heroic becomes the base game, while Epic and Legendary cards become … I think … expansion sets.
  4. I keep having to scale the Bosses down when I paste them in from the Monsters table. Except Bosses are supposed to be powered up versions of Monsters, not scaled down versions. Apparently I need to make a balance pass through the Monster table too.

What do you think?

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  1. So, when you say “quest text”, do you mean “Quest” text or “Quest Text” text? ‘Cuz it seems that the “Quest Text” text of (for example) “Discard any Traps drawn and re-draw” would be kinda important, *if* you actually want that mechanic for the card. “Quest” text, on the other hand, I can see as being somewhat superfluous. And I think “Boss” card would be fine.

    (PS: I’m up to “78” out of 100. The first 50-ish were relatively easy to come up with.)

    • That is the whole question. Does having a mechanic available like “Discard any Traps drawn and re-draw” on a few cards worthwhile? There are downsides to having it (mainly the amount of space on the card) that effects all of the Quest cards even though only a few are using it. So the options are:

      • Keep the Quest Text as is, on only a handful of Quest cards
      • Add Quest Text to more Quest cards just so it seems like it is more useful
      • Drop Quest Text altogether

      Maybe there is another choice I am missing?

      • Smaller font size? Just include a cheap magnifying glass with the base set (hehehe). But no, seriously, a slightly smaller font may be a possible solution for getting the text to fit and still be legible.

        Or talking like a stereotypical barbarian.

What do you think?

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