Jan 052017

I’ve revamped, reworked, and recast the diagrams that are embedded in the latest version of the DDOtCG rules.

This one explains how to read a card:



This one helps illustrate how to use the Quest Combat Board to track range and focus:



This one shows the game setup:


Please feel encouraged to comment or question any of them.

I think the rules – version 2.0 – are done. The cards are too, or at least they better be, I’ve sent them to the printer. We should be ready for the next round of playtesting by the middle of the month.

I’ll post the latest rules here in a few days, probably in a PDF, in case anyone wants to follow along.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. I just hope you get this all figured out so i can lean on you to get my card game worked out. 🙂

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