Dec 162016

Monsters don’t get to have all the fun, Heroes have been tuned and toned too. Here they all are, even though some of them will not be used for awhile.

I’ve realized that my original idea of having people play a Heroic round, then an Epic round, and finally a Legendary round is flawed; three raids will be repetitive, and the game will take entirely too long to play.

Instead, Heroic will be the first set, will include three Heroic raids (for replay-ability, only one will be used per game) and will be the easiest. Epic will follow, with its own raids, and be harder to play. Legendary will come last and be the hardest to win.

Thus the comment that some of these Heroes will be on the shelf for awhile.

Base Set:

Every Loot Deck needs to have a chance to include a Rogue, so I am putting this guy in the Base set.

These Heroes will come in the Heroic set

These will be Epic

And these will be Legendary

Each set will come with warriors, arcane, and divine casters. And of course the Rogue fits them all.

I wonder whether Paladin/Ranger/Sorceror is really an easier combo to play than Barbarian/Bard/Favored Soul. Epics will not have a dedicated Divine caster, only a pair of hybrids, while Legendary will have only the Bard to be have an Arcane caster. I am guessing the lower DPS of a half-Arcane will be more difficult to manage than having a couple of hybrid Divine casters.

On the other hand, both Paladins and Rangers do not start out as Divine Casters but rather instead gain the attribute via Level Ups and Enhancements. An unlucky player could be facing Epic monsters with no Divine Caster at all.

We’ll put them all through their paces and see what happens.

Assuming the original Heroic set ever gets all the way through play testing.

It will. I am determined.

🙂 😀 🙂

What do you think?

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