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This is part of a continuing series where I present my thoughts about a DDO-inspired card game for your input and dissection. Previous posts include:

Game description and rules:

Overview, card types and deployment, combat, class balancing


Bard, Favored Soul, Cleric, Arcane spellcasters, Rangers and Rogues, Melee classes

Everything else:

Monsters, races, feats, spells, statuses and afflictions, heroic quests, epic quests, legendary quests, traps & puzzles


Festivals are minor rule changes that affect everyone, regardless of who actually played the Festival.

Festivals are deployed during the Party Leader’s Build Phase and go into that player’s Public Instance.

Only one Festival may be in play at any time; when a new one is played, any existing Festival is discarded.



Card Attributes Game text
Risia Ice Games Festival All cold spells and attacks do an extra point of damage. All fire spells and attacks do one point less
The Night Revels Festival When drawing a quest card, instead draw two cards and discard one
Treasure of Crystal Cove Festival When launching a Melee attack, loudly exclaim “Yaaaar!” to add +1 ATK
Market Tent Explosion Festival “Devilish origin” game text has no effect
Festival of the Traveler Festival Spells you cast on an ally may be applied to one additional ally
Festivult Festival When winning a quest and drawing Loot, if you don’t like it you may discard it and draw another. Once per quest.
Mabar the Endless Night Festival Undead monsters are -1 ATK, -1 RNG
Birthday Cake of Wishes Festival Optional Objective rewards are now 2 Loot cards



I am thinking that even if I split this into three sets, Festivals are in the “base” set and have to be included in every distribution, much in the way that Status and Affliction cards have to be handled. They are not Epic nor Heroic nor Legendary, they just are, and should always be available.

What do you think? Any other Festivals you’d like to see included? Or other game-wide effects you’d like to see?

🙂 😀 🙂

What do you think?

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