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This is part of a continuing series where I present my thoughts about a DDO-inspired card game for your input and dissection. Previous posts include:

Game description and rules:

Overview, card types and deployment, combat, class balancing


Bard, Favored Soul, Cleric, Arcane spellcasters, Rangers and Rogues, Melee classes

Everything else:

Monsters, races, feats, spells, statuses and afflictions, heroic quests


Bring Me the Head of Ghola Fan Wild Man 6 0 6 5 6
Offering of Blood Discard any Puzzles drawn and re-draw Scorrow Priest 5 0 5 5 5
Ritual Sacrifice Windlasher Gnoll 6 0 6 5 5
Fleshmaker’s Laboratory Air Elemental 0 0 8 0 6
Prison of the Planes Discard any Traps drawn and re-draw Warforged Champion 7 7 7 6 7
Tharashk Arena Troll 6 6 6 6 6
Rainbow in the Dark Fire Elemental 8 8 8 5 6
The Chamber of Raiyum Victors draw 2 Loot cards and immediately discard 1 Mummy 7 0 7 7 7
The Crucible Stone Giant 8 8 8 7 8
Desecrated Temple of Vol Vampire 8 0 10 0 8
Jungles of Khyber Victors draw 2 Loot cards and immediately discard 1 Marut 8 0 8 7 8
Slavers of The Shrieking Mines Discard any Puzzles drawn and re-draw Mindflayer 0 0 9 0 9
Bastion of Power Marilith 10 0 8 8 9
Blown to Bits Iron Fire Bomber 0 0 10 0 10
Sins of Attrition Orthon 10 0 10 9 10



And here are the Epic Quest bosses that do not already exist as Monsters



Wild Man Boss, Humanoid Closes to Melee
Warforged Champion Boss, Construct Closes to Melee Construct: Immune to affliction
Marut Boss, Construct Thunderpunch: on successful Melee attack, force-Tap target if it has equal or less current HP than this boss Closes to Melee Construct: Immune to affliction
Iron Fire Bomber Boss, Construct Firebomb: Drops a bomb that does four points of Fire damage to all opponents. Closes to Melee Construct: Immune to affliction



I am still including “Quest text” but am liking it less and less all the time. I suspect it will go away altogether.

There is one more thing where I could use your help: what happens to a Boss when you do not defeat it? I keep vacillating between two options

  • Undefeated Bosses are set aside, and then used again in the Raid
  • Just discard it

Losing a quest means no Loot. That is already a bad thing that will make the eventual Raid more difficult. Is that enough motivation? I think so. I think saving up the Boss again to re-use it in the Raid, my original plan, is overkill.

What do you think?

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  1. This is the first time I’ve seen your Card Game posts, so forgive me for a question that may have already been answered: Instead of “Focus”, why not say “Aggro”?

    • You are absolutely on target in that the concept of Focus is, essentially, “Aggro”.

      But everyone who spends time on a game fantasizes that it will be successful. Meaning, wider appeal than just the DDO player base. “Focus” may seem off to an MMO veteran, but that veteran will adjust. “Oh”, they will say, he means “Aggro”, much as you have. And then they will be fine.

      “Aggro”, on the other hand, will seem completely opaque and random to anyone who has not played a lot of MMO. It is not even a real word. Unless you are British and even then it does not mean exactly the same thing.

      Good catch, and I hope this answers your question.

What do you think?

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