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Look what Luedwig Bait H’oven did! The beginnings of a dramatic reading of the DDOtCG rules!

ddotcgintro test

I don’t even know what to say; the sheer awesomeness has left me speechless.

Jerry Snook brought up a good point yesterday about using cheaper material to play test rather than having actual cards printed. The cheapest would be to just print the cards on sheets of paper and cut them to a usable size.

Except for me, having the cards printed provided motivation to finish, and later, made it easier for me to get people (i.e. my wife) to participate. It feels more like a real game when you have real cards.

But it is expensive, no doubt, I am $70 into printing costs already and I know I am going to have to redo all of the cards – at least one more time – just in the play test.

If anyone out there is thinking about helping with play testing, excellent, and thank you! But you will want to follow Jerry’s suggestion and cut out cards rather than ordering them from the printer. Besides, I haven’t made the Gamecrafter cards public, so you can’t currently get the printed version even if you want to.

Cutout paper or printed cards, either way, you will want to wait for Round Two when I’ve finished applying the lessons learned to-date.

Sometime next week.


Speaking of lessons, in addition to general ideas like “the rules need to be completely reorganized” and “the game is too hard”, there were specifics. Some are very specific:

“All in Focus”: Several monsters have effects which damage “all in Focus” except there is no such thing. Only one Hero can ever be in Focus. Did I mean “All opponents?” Should I just drop this statement?

Boss fight: what happens when the last monster is resolved but Heroes have not all taken their actions yet? Does the Boss fight start in-progress? Or go back to the beginning of the battle order and leave some actions untaken?

Boss fight: When it starts, does the Boss have focus on anyone?

Build Phase: Should allow Party Leader to perform non-Combat Tap and Discard actions, but also would need to define “non-Combat”

Class Enhancement cards: should specify “Class” also “Class Level Up” in Deploy To text

Cleric: Tap power has never been used. Should it be something about shedding focus (Sanctuary?) instead of turning undead?

Combat rules: specify that everything begins At Range

Combat: Do Monsters go unconscious?

Combat: Does Tapping mean included Combat Values stop counting?

Combat Values: need to be much bigger on the cards

Festival of the Traveller: should allow spell to affect another ally or oneself

Fire Trap: has invalid combat values

Free All the Slaves: Add “and put it in your hand” to text

Hero Cards: should show all Combat Values even those that are at 0

Invisibility: can it be cast on an ally or self only?

Monster Deck and Quest Deck: Consider decks into two and putting the easier monsters on top to enhance a feeling of progression

Party Leader: should leader choose Quest before build phase?

Party Leader: there needs to be a Party Leader card

Precise Shot: add “and put it in your hand” ?

Public Instance rules: should specify that they only effect your cards

Ranged Damage: It is not clear what “immune to ranged damage” means

RNG on monsters is very powerful. Scale it back?

Ruins of Threnal boss should not have RNG attack

Rules: Define “Force-tap” somewhere

Rules: Include a diagram of a card very early in the rules

Shield Mastery: should it require a shield?

Spells: Divine and Arcane spells should be colored differently

Warforged: There is no Warforged card. It did not get sent to the printer.

Weapon Damage: It is not clear what “immune to weapon damage” means

Wizard and Wizard Level Up game text should specify “Arcane Spell”, not just “Spell”

More play testing will occur over the holiday, including solo play as well as trying out three players.

How exciting!

This is what it means to be a geek/nerd/dork yes? Getting excited about the idea of testing something that isn’t even a game yet?

If so, that’s perfectly alright. I have no problem hoisting my geek/nerd/dork flag up high where the world can see.

I am a geek/nerd/dork, and I am proud of it.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. I don’t care, see the cards in real life is very exciting. I’m with you, the real thing in your hand is a great incentive to improve the game and make it real.

    Good luck with the play testing.


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