Dec 092016

More votes would have been nice, but I can work with this

After considering your input, and having the time to let things simmer about in the murky depths of my unconsciousness, I’ve come to some conclusions.

Players will start with as many Heroes as they want

This causes a cascade of related changes

  • All of the Heroes will always start out deployed
  • Which means Heroes will never deploy and cannot have “On Deploy” actions. I will need to make a pass to ensure that none do
  • Heroes count towards the 60-card deck limit

Players will return from Quests untapped, unless they lose, flee, or die

Cascading changes

  • I want to add a Public Instance card that allows returning tapped Heroes to straighten

The Raid will include one Quest Boss monster per Hero

  • I need many more Quest cards
  • Need a rule to handle sizing the Quest deck
  • This is no longer a six-player game. More like 1 to 4 players.
  • There could be a 5 and 6 player expansion, like Catan’s, that includes additional Quest cards

I am removing the “always does at least one point of damage” from combat resolution

Cascading changes

  • Rules describing what happens when a Hero has no action
  • Monster activation rules need to handle the case where the Monster has no action
  • This causes an edge case where a quest could be lost because all remaining Heroes – even though alive – can not affect any of the remaining monsters
  • Need a pass through all cards – there are several cards that allow Heroes to damage something outside of combat – but are there enough?
  • Need a pass through all the monsters where DEF goes down – a lot! – and HP goes up to compensate

I am still tracking these changes over on the Playtest Notes post. I am crossing off each note as I add it, whether adding it means changing cards or rules or both (or in a couple of cases, deciding against a proposed change).

When all the notes are crossed off, we’ll be ready for round two of playtesting.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. I haven’t really played anything like this, so I don’t yet understand how much one should or should not be tapping things…

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