Nov 232016

Play testing clearly showed me that I need something like this, right up near the top of the rules:


Is this helpful? If not, how could I change it so that it is?

Are there other diagrams you think would be useful?

What do you think?

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  1. Kind of hard to really determine out-of-context (i.e. w/o the rules for reference, which I suppose I could have looked up before writing this comment, but oh well), but I think it looks good. Since most people seem to be ‘visually’ oriented, it’s good to have a card diagram for referencing. You may need more than just one, depending on what info may be different on other cards that are equally important to point out. Possibly even an overview of the play-field, showing orientations and ‘tapped’ cards, etc. (I would reference the diagrams in “Carcassonne”, as an example.)

    You may want to consider giving each call-out a designation (“a”, “1”, etc.) to reference from inside the rules. The designation could even replace the ‘tag text’ (“Defense”, etc.) especially if you’re short on space to fit everything.

    Do you think you need anything for the ‘general’ text on the card? Any info in there that might require pointing out?

    (PS – did something change in the ‘website’ block? I put in my normal URL, but it says “Please enter a URL” ehan I go to post. Strange…

What do you think?

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