Feb 142017

It seems that my eldest son has somehow become enthused about beta-testing DDO the Card Game. Is he humoring me? Being polite to the old man? I think not, this seems to be coming from someplace of his own, it is not like I am asking him how he feels about it, he is volunteering all of this even when I am talking about other things altogether.

So there’s that.

What do you say when one of your children (no he’s not a child) kids (no not that either) umm … progeny? … wants to participate in something of yours?

You say yes.

So, ready or not, it’s beta time here at DDO the Card Game.

In order to play the beta test version, you need:


  • A printout of the quest combat board, which you can find here: Quest Combat Board (although one could hand-draw a usable facsimile in five or ten seconds)


  • One copy of the DDO the Card Game Solo Playtest Set, which includes everything you need for one player to join the beta, and which you can buy here: Solo Set for $24.99 plus shipping


  • If you want to play test with additional players, you will need one copy of the DDO the Card Game Extra Player Playtest Set per additional player and which you can buy here: Additional Player Set for $14.99 each plus shipping


Quest Combat Board

Additional Player Deck

Solo Player Set


But I wouldn’t buy the cards if I was you, no way. This is a beta test of a game that no one has ever played except with me and under my direction. It might be completely broken. It might be no fun at all. No way I would spend money on something like that. I’d download the card images and print them out myself, for free. From here: all of the cards.

Buying the base set, plus three additional player sets so you can play test a four-player game would cost $70! Plus shipping! Crazy. Don’t do it.

A word about the cost: GameCrafter allows me to print out real games on real cards, on demand, whether I order one or one thousand or even none at all. But this is not an inexpensive service, and I don’t know how many people might want to be in the beta. If any. If I could I would order a hundred sets and send them out to everyone who wants one, but that is just not practical. The cost is not about me trying to sell the game. It is about someone else printing the game and wanting to be paid for it.

Really, I would not buy the cards. Just don’t. But the option is there in case you are like me and my son, and want to play but don’t want to cut out a couple hundred card images.

I hope someone does try the game out. I hope lots of people do, and you all provide feedback on how I could make it more fun/more DDO/less bad or otherwise better. I really hope so!

But seriously, don’t buy the cards.

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

p.s. For some specifics about what to expect while play testing, and some questions to answer, check this out: Beta Test Expectations

What do you think?

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