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DDO the Card Game: Status Changes and Afflctions

This post is part of a continuing series where I present my ill-formed thoughts about a DDO-inspired card game to you for review and suggestion.


Designing a game with this many cards becomes a bit grindy – there are so many cards to layout! But it is a good kind of grindy.

Sometimes I realize something about the game that changes what I had thought previously – maybe even enough that I have to go back and edit something I’ve already published. But more often I figure out new things rather than changes to old things.

For instance, status changes and afflictions. I knew I wanted monsters to be able to do bad things to characters, but I hadn’t figured out the mechanic for it. I’d even written it already – Elves are immune to sleep, paladins can be immune to poison, disease and curses. Warforged are immune to most of all that. Which implies there is a way to sleep, disease, poison, and curse, yes? But what is it? How does it work? Tokens? Something you do to the character card to indicate a negative status?

Then suddenly I knew: more cards, which provides the benefit of allowing the cards to explain how they work right there on the cards themselves.


Afflictions are temporary effects which remain on the character until removed, or until the end of the Quest Phase.

Afflictions stack; a character may be afflicted with multiple copies of the same affliction, ultimately killing the character if applied in sufficient number.

Warforged characters are immune to all afflictions.

Status Changes

Status changes are permanent effects which remain on the character until removed.

Status changes do not stack; a character may have more than one Status Change but no more than one of each type.

Combat Values

Status Change ATK RNG DEF DMG HP
Blindness -2 -4
Curse -2 -2 -2 -2
Disease -1
Nausea -2
Poison -1

Game Text

Status Change
Paralysis Force tap until removed.
Disease If DEF is reduced to zero, target dies.
Nausea May not use any Tap or Discard actions. Discard at beginning of next Monster Phase.
Poison If ATK is reduced to zero, target dies.
Sleep Force tap until removed, damage taken, or another character Taps to awake the target.
Stun Force tap. Discard at beginning of next Monster Phase.


One of my fondest memories of the original DDO game was getting blinded at the beginning of STK and having to run the entire quest series using just the map. There was a time when people feared poison, and disease, and especially, curses!

Hopefully I can bring those feelings into the card game too.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. You forgot fear. Fear is an affliction that can be stacked, culminating in terror. Paladin’s would also be immune to this.
    If your going to have afflictions you will need absolvments that players through caster/items can remove said afflictions.

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