May 092014

The DDO Store Goes All Guild-Wacky!

Something is up with the DDO Store.

Something weird.

There are sales in there this week that are entirely unprecedented. Here’s the list of this week’s sales:

  • 20% off Astral Shards
  • 20% off Guild Renown Elixirs
  • 50% off Guild Charters
  • 75% off Guild Airship Beacons

As far as I can recall, there has never been a sale on Astral Shards. I don’t pay close attention to the store; maybe I am wrong (not that there’s anything unusual about that). But still, Astral Shards are on sale. How weird.

Whether I am wrong or right about Astral Shards, I am quite certain that Airship Beacons have never been on sale before, ever, and now they are 75% off! 75%! When has anything else been sold so cheaply? That’s 2 points per beacon. Or roughly 300 of them for the same basic cost as one raise cake.

We need to talk about this.

With the removal of guild decay, guild airships became practically perfect in every way; I highly recommend them to everyone.

Even if all you have is a small one, still, totally worth it. Buffs, storage, and your own personal versions of a tavern, bank, auction house, even a mailbox; you can stay in your private penthouse between quests without ever exposing yourself to the riffraff and hoi palloi that is the rest of us.

You can even have your very own dancing kobold. All good, all the time!

But sometimes awkward to get to. Traveling to the airship is not much of a problem for characters with Teleport, and most of my prime characters eventually get that capability, even if only in the form of a Royal Guard Mask. But not all, and in some cases (like Chelena), frustratingly not all, and she simply goes without the airship buffs more often than not.

I have no doubt that this in an intentional, by-design sort of inconvenience, because the handy solution is right there in the DDO Store: Guild Airship Beacons.

This beacon creates a portal at your location that will take you to your airship. The portal can also be used by guildmates. Non guildmates must be invited through. The portal disappears after 3 minutes. This object cannot be used in raids.

But not at 10 points per use. I am simply not that cavalier about my Turbine Points, evidence to the contrary notwithstanding.

This gives me a personal interest in the Airship Beacons; I watch for them, and I am quite certain that they have never gone on sale before. Never. And now, 75% off? As well as Guild Charters and Renown Elixirs? AND Astral Shards? What is going on?

I do not think this is happening in a vacuum. Something is going on with guilds, and specifically, with guild airships. New Turbine producer Producktion Malphunktion has said as much, and is offering hints in the form of guild amenity icons and views. Except … the views are weird: one is a giant floating cube in space, another is the Black Abbott. These do not seem like things that go on your ship.

These seem like things that go in non-ship housing. Like maybe … the Hall of Heroes? I don’t know. But things are clearly changing.

Maybe that is why the Beacons are so cheap all of a sudden? A final clearing-out sale for something that will shortly become much less useful?

I hope not. I couldn’t help stocking up.

Beacons For Everyone!
Beacons for everyone!

I guess we will find out soon enough, the Lamannia test/preview server is supposed to get the first pre-Update 22 client build at some point later today.

But clearly, something is up.

What do you think?

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  1. The only sale with 75% off was when they put up lower to mid lvl packs with a huge 75% cut in March 2012. Actually that is where I got my 3BC purchase from (along with Catacombs, Tangleroot, Sharn Syndicate, Necropolis I and Sorrowdusk). I actually really like the 3BC quests, and was surprised that how much I enjoyed the Sorrowdusk quest chain when I played it the first time last month!
    That was a solid discount and made these packs worth buying.

    Must say that I am considering buying some of those portals as well, because from ProMaj’s comments I rather get that they might actually turn out to get more usefull (maybe to be used in Faerun to get to some kind of buff up room??)

    • Yeah that was a nice one, i picked up the starter pack for about Β£1.70ish despite the fact i’ve been playing over 5 years now πŸ™‚

      • Yeah, when the DDO Market had 75% off some of those packs, I thought about buying content I already had, as it was the best value TP available πŸ˜‰

        Granted, this article is referring to the in-game DDO Store, which technically you could purchase content with spending real money.

  2. guess it won’t hurt to stock up on some portals…some, not 300! πŸ˜‰

  3. You are correct that this is the first time Astral Shards have been put on sale. Also, yes on the cheap Beacons! πŸ™‚

  4. What do I think? I think you’re insane for buying 300 of those things πŸ˜›

What do you think?

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