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Normally, DDO producers are, like “proper” children, seen and not heard. Not that I’ve ever met any children like that, nor would want any. Mine were generally seen, heard, felt, and occasionally, smelled.

But I digress.

Yesterday must have been DDO Producer Day as they are coming out of the woodwork. The festivities get underway with this tweet by Producer Glin, Erik Boyer:

Looks like I just got a ticket to GenCon! Will I see you there?

Good news, at least for those of us who will be at GenCon, Erik is genuinely funny and interesting and tells a good story. Plus he’s fun to hang out with in bars, at least so I am told.

But that was just the opening salvo. Next we have Producer Rowan, Aaron Campbell, someone previously not known to be involved with DDO, posting a detailed introduction of himself on the forums.

In it, we learn a few things: Aaron/Rowan is a “Franchise Director”, which involves managing production and finance. Or as he put it, “much like Fernando Paiz. Same role, different title.” It is unclear whether this means Aaron will be doing these things instead of Fernando, or in conjunction with Fernando. He also name drops Glin/Erik and even Kate Paiz although she is no longer involved with DDO at all. So that couldn’t really get much fuzzier.

Maybe Turbine is turning into one of those “matrixed” organizations where everyone is everyone else’s boss. Or maybe they don’t think the details are really our business? It is interesting but hardly vital information.

Game direction, now that is vital information, and Aaron/Rowan provides some of that too, including a high-level release schedule:

  • Update 19: The Shadowfell Conspiracy! Level cap to 28, new adventure areas in Wheloon and the Stormhorn mountains, and of course new Iconic races.
  • Update 20 (late 2013): Epic True Reincarnation! (We’re still gathering your feedback and input)
  • Update 21 (early 2014): A new threat (complete with multiple dragons), and a tribute to a classic Forgotten Realms module.

I hope the Forgotten Realms module is White Plume Mountain! Although now that I think about it, that one may pre-date Forgotten Realms. But whatever.

Aaron/Rowan answered a couple of specific question answers: Yes to whips and chains, no to gnomes. Poor gnomes.

And provided this, which I took as sort of his personal mission statement:

In short, I’ll work with the team to build the best game we can (based on the extensive history of DDO) while still adding things that are fresh and new. The game should keep its soul but not stagnate.

Yes, the game should keep its soul. Got to give the new guy the benefit of the doubt and assume that Aaron’s vision of DDO’s soul jibes with our vision. At least until evidence shows otherwise.

Welcome Aaron, let’s all do great things together!

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Maybe the upper management at Turbine or Warner Brothers have finally realized that if they at least attempt to keep their customers/players happy then more people may subscribe and even come back to DDO after being so disheartened with the direction that the game has been doing in… namely down the toilet.

    I sincerely hope that this new person cracks that whip and has a positive impact on the games direction and maybe just maybe start fixing bugs that have been on the list since launch!

    Heres hoping I guess!


  2. White Plume Mountain is Greyhawk, not Forgotten Realms. It was released back in 1979.

    I’m thinking it could be the Haunted Halls of Eveningstar.

  3. I think it’s confirmed, it’s the Haunted halls of Eveningstar (which is the best module for the cormyr area)

  4. In all honesty, Haunted Halls wasn’t a particularly good module since too much of it was left unmapped and essentially unfinished. I think Ed Greenwood’s intent was to make it as open-ended as possible to allow DMs the greatest amount of freedom to improvise, but in doing so he put out a product that just felt unfinished.

    That said, this makes it perfect for Turbine to use in the game because they can fill in all those blanks however they like and not change a single thing in the original adventure aside from upgrading the levels.

  5. Too bad it’s not Greyhawk. That would be something! You could even have the old “Against the Giants: The Liberation of Geoff” series in it!

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