Apr 142012

Apparently Turbine is holding some kind of contest on Twitter regarding theoretical pickup lines using LOTRO and DDO references. I’m not sure if they are looking for the best pickup line or the most pickup lines or are going to just randomly pick one. I don’t even know what you can win.

Is there a prize? I don’t know and I don’t care. I’m just having a lot of fun seeing how cheesy I can get without moving into R-rated territory. Or at least, not very far into R-rated territory.

If you want in, reply to @turbine and include the hashtag #DDOPickuplines (or #LoTROPickupLines if you are entering  a Lord of the Rings Online pickup line).

Here are my entries. I should probably caveat that by saying “here are my entries so far”, I am having a lot of fun with this and may post more.

  • Hey babe you wanna test out my new Cannith Mark of Making Out?
  • Hey baby what’s your favorite? On top? Or Deneith?
  • Baby you must be a cleric, because that ass is divine
  • Let’s go find a rest shrine somewhere and practice our Hold Persons
  • I may be warforged but I am fully functional, programmed in multiple techniques
  • Hey babe there’s a Purple Worm in the new expansion. Wanna see a preview version?
  • Hey baby the next time I True Reincarnate, I wanna come back as your breastplate
  • My Spot sense keeps tingling. I think I need to check your chest for traps.
  • Hey babe I’m wearing Otto’s Irresistable Pants. Want in?

So. Much. Fun!

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Oh my Jeebus. You are silly.

  2. Otto’s Irresistible Pants – bwahahahaha!

  3. (Feel free to submit any/all of these if you want, I don’t twit)

    Hey babe, want to see my hairy beater?

    Hey babe, lemme see your boobs of anchoring.

    Hey babe, just because I’m a PM, doesn’t mean I’m dead below the waist!

    Hey babe, EPIC CHEST!

    Hey babe, I’m a paladin, lemme Lay On Hands!

    (to a PM) I’m a cleric, I can turn on undead anytime I want.

    Hey babe, rangers instinctively know how to use BOTH hands!

    Hey babe, elves live thousands of years and we never sleep… lemme show you why.

  4. Some monk-related ones…

    Hey babe, you can grasp my earth dragon anytime!

    Lemme show you why it’s called a STUNNING fist…

    You must be a monk, ’cause you’re making my palms quiver!

    You must be a monk, ’cause the heavens aligned when you were born!

    (I’m having a hard time making Fists of Light or Touch of Despair sound… yeah.)

  5. Hey babe, just ’cause we have fast movement doesn’t mean we can’t go slow.

  6. You know, your Swim score goes way up when you take off all that bulky clothing.

  7. Would you like a stoneskin? Cause I definitely want to rock your body.

  8. You must be a Siberys Spirit Cake, because every time I see you I get a raise

  9. HA! I’m almost embarrassed to admit that these are right up my alley (no pun intended). I love me some terrible pick-up lines….

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