Apr 112012

Have at you Dummy!

The Training Dummy is not going to enjoy
this episode of Mythbusters

Two of my guildies are convinced that their runearms do more damage when they are also attacking than when they are not.

I was skeptical, but there are stranger things in the game (twitch two-handed fighting anyone?) so who knows?

Like any good mythbuster, I set out to prove their thesis with something almost like a scientific approach. Although sadly I can’t blow everything up at the end like a real Mythbuster. My plan: try shooting while attacking and while not attacking and compare the results.

  • 10 shots at the training dummy with The Pea Shooter. Damage ranges from high 20’s to low 60’s
  • 10 shots at the training dummy with The Pea Shooter and auto attack on, but no bolts in the crossbow: damage ranges from the high 20’s to low 60’s
  • 10 shots at the training dummy with The Pea Shooter, auto attack on, bolts firing and hitting: damage ranges from the high 20’s to low 60’s.
  • 10 shots at the training dummy with The Pea Shooter, holding down the fire button, bolts firing and hitting: damage ranges from the high 20’s to low 60’s.

No detectable difference. Just to be sure, I repeated the entire test with Flicker. This doubled my sample size but still, same results. Numbers differ, Flicker has a different damage range, but all firing methods resulted in the same ranges.

My guildies continue to insist that their damage increases. One of them sent me some excerpts from his combat log. He is getting damage in the 30’s until he starts shooting his crossbow too then suddenly his damage is in the 100’s. But he only has two shots each way. 20 shots is not a big enough sample but two is entirely deficient.

It is possible that they are getting some boost from their class combination, or their crossbows, or their enhancements. Or perhaps there is another variable I don’t even know to consider such as length of time charging? Accuracy when aiming at the dummy?  It is also possible that no one is firing enough test samples to really say for sure.

But until I can replicate it under controlled conditions, this myth is busted.


🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. So how do you make video of game play so I can show you what I see?

    It might be a multiclass artificer thing, I am now theorizing that a Multiclass artificer when attacking uses it’s total character level not just it’s artificer levels which would explain why only the multiclass Artificers notice it. expressed a math problem it would look like,

    A = artificer levels, X = unknown class levels,

    Attacking w/ rune arm alone = A
    Attacking w/ rune arm as part of an attack sequence = A+X

  2. The first kill of the training dummy will give standard damage but subsequent kills will be miltiplied by 1.5 as if it is held.

    Everybody leaving the ship resets the dummy.

  3. I’d suspect that they’re just noticing artificially-inflated numbers ’cause of the crossbow damage itself. More numbers just LOOKS like bigger numbers…

  4. It’s a conspiracy 😛

    I can’t say that I noticed any difference. I notice when boss is aggroed on someone else versus on me (well, that’s only xbow dmg), I notice when someone has used destruction on boss or any other AC lowering tool/ability… I notice when enemies are held… but I don’t notice a difference between when I’m shooting or not shooting.

  5. I done several hours of testing and.when attacking and firing rune arms damage in 60 to 100s range. 20 to 70 just firing rune arm plus critical hits much more often when attacking while firing rune arm

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