DDO Monster Mashup

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May 102016

DDO Monster Mashup
Occasionally I stumble across something of interest in my wanderings about the endless tubes of the internet. Not of use, no of course not, only uselessness here, now and always. But still of interest.

Sometimes these useless yet interesting items of interest do not involve DDO at all. Like this interesting comparison of fictional spaceships. Useless, not even DDO-related, but still interesting.

More often, I find a DDO-shaped way into these items. Like this wordle of all the words used on DDOGamer. Or this picture of the DDO logo made from Legos. Or this one, made from the hundreds of images that have been posted to this site. Or this series of DDO screenshots rendered by neural network-driven filters.

All useless, yet all interesting.

Today’s find is like that. Not really DDO-related, but DDO-usable and interesting. It seems that there are sites where one can generate a Word Search puzzle. In fact there are quite a few such sites.

No way I could resist making something DDO-related out of that, right? And I didn’t. Resist, that is. No. Instead, I present a custom-generated word search puzzle featuring DDO monsters!

DDO Monster Mashup

     L B E L L I U O G R A V H R V 
     X D B Q F G C I E T O E K V S 
     T R O G L O D Y T E L A R S U 
     J A D G O M A D X L J Z H F C 
     D G G Q W L A Y H E O G L U C 
     Y O I J F Y P O R M B H A F U 
     M N A D R B U G B E A R K X B 
     M O N D E N O I K N R L L T U 
     U I T Y D N E N O T E L E K S 
     M P T D L O B O K A D O B K C 
     P R H H O B G O B L I N S R S 
     S O N Z H T I A R W P G K J C 
     N C E X E C T J M C S A T Y R 
     K S U G B T I H P E M B G R A 
     K C V Z N D D L J T R O L L G

For those of you who are seriously bad-ass Word Search solvers, I think it is enough to tell you that there are 30 words hidden in there, all of which are DDO monsters. As a bonus hint, six of the monsters are undead, and one of those undead monsters has only appeared in DDO once in ten years.

For those of you who may not be quite so seriously bad-ass about your Word Searches, here is a link to the word list, which (if I have done this correctly) should open in a separate page.

Oh and there may be one extra Easter Egg word* in there too. Maybe. Slightly.

Happy puzzling!

🙂 😀 🙂

*Technically more of a proper noun than a word

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  1. I cannot wait to show this to Pink!

  2. Damn you Geoff, I’m supposed to be working…..

  3. Oh, that was FUN! Even though I had to resort to the word list to figure out the last one I needed… which in hindsight I am ashamed of not getting right off the bat. LOL

    It’d be kinda cool to see that Easter egg as an ingame mob 😉

  4. Damn you, Geoff! I’m supposed to be sleeping!

  5. The first thing I saw was “GO MAD”. At least I know that I’m one step ahead of a puzzle. Ha! Take that, floor tiles!

  6. First thing I saw was “FRED”

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