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Sites on DDO
So many sites on DDO

I am thoroughly amazed by the recent explosion in DDO fan sites and media outlets. I mean, it was weird enough when I launched this site to talk about a game that was then six-years old. But at least that was a continuation of something (Turbine’s old myDDO pages) rather than something all new.

And even so it was a bit weird. Why then? Why not back in 2006?

But it gets weirder. In the last year, all kinds of brand new DDO sites have sprung up, some of them quite active and elaborate. So many that I can’t even find them all. And at least one site that had gone dormant has come back to life, and even spawned a spin-off!

What is happening?

I try to keep track, at least of those sites that could be classified as “blogs”. There is a scrolling aggregation of other DDO blogs on this page, in the right hand column, that was titled “Other DDO Blogs”. It’s a moving target: new blogs popup every now and then, and older bloggers move on and become inactive.

And it’s inadequate even when accurate. It doesn’t do justice to the various podcasts (there are now at least five) YouTube channels (Three or more, I really have no idea) IRC chat channels (yes you can talk DDO 24/7 with someone) Twitch streams (again, no idea) and site aggregators and rebloggers (three of these too!).

Phew! That is a lot of media! And I do not believe for even one second that I’ve captured all of it.

I want to point out again that most of these sites are new, within the last year. About a game that is approaching it’s ten year anniversary. Ten years!


I hesitate to call out specific sites, because doing so feels like slighting all of the others. And I am excluding Twitch streams on purpose because I just don’t get Twitch (why watch someone else play instead of just logging in yourself?).

But still, you need to know about these places!

Aggregators and Rebloggers

  • DDO Central: A crazy-active site that posts all the time and includes reblogs and retweets and manually curates all kinds of DDO sites and data
  • DDO Players: A very pretty site that also posts very often, reposts DDO news, and steps outside the bounds of DDO to talk about all things D&D-related. As well as DDO!
  • OurDDO: A blog aggregator where you can find pretty much every DDO blog article written regardless of the site where it first appeared.


Chat Channels

YouTube Channels


I am only listing those that I know to have recent postings. The complete list is on the “Around the DDO World” page.

*1 This has become a full-on news site but Doug still writes about DDO occasionally
*2 Also available right here on DDOGamer at http://www.gamergeoff.com/category/mizzazone/
*3 Samius almost never writes about DDO anymore but I am including him out of pure nostalgia
*4 This is not really a blog, more of a site with crafting tools and a podcast but you should know about it and I don’t know where else to put it


I’ve tried to capture all of this on the “Around the DDO World” page which you can reach by clicking here, or by clicking on the “Around the DDO World” image in the right-hand column of all DDOGamer pages.

I’ve updated the RSS stream too, but some of these sites don’t have an RSS output and so are not included.

If you have or know about a site I am missing, or can explain the whole Twitch thing to me, please let me know in the comments!

Don’t just sit there blinking and staring vacuously at my drivel, there’s real honest-to-god actual DDO-related content available out there. Lots of it! Get reading people! And watching, and listening!

There’s a lot of DDO out there, and you need it all!


🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Your ‘recent postings’ period must be fairly generous – it’s been a few weeks. I just don’t get the time like I used to :-/

    • Pfft – who does? Usually, it’s that most dreaded of all 4-letter words (“W-O-R-K”) that keeps me from posting more. At least, that’s what I blame it on (hehehe).

  2. Don’t forget The Vault!

  3. Thank you for the mention!

  4. There are at least a few dozen currently active DDO YouTube channels and dozens more than have game play videos but have since become inactive. http://ddocentral.com/ddo-youtube/

  5. I think you’re mostly onto something with the Twitch streams, I liken them to watching sports matches … unless it’s with mates, beer and chips, you’re better off playing the sport 😀

    (Alternatively you could be researching something, like how to grenade-rocket-jump over an obstacle without blowing yourself up, um, I guess you are blowing yourself up and over said obstacle…. As you were.)

  6. “Full-on news site” Geoff, you’re too kind!
    Lots of great DDO stuff out there, I’m loving it. It’s like a renaissance or something. Very nice to see the interest in this game continuing after all this time!

  7. I’m almost nostalgic on how you misspell “Syncletica” in the blog name. 🙂 It’s a nice thing to have so much activity. But your own contributions, through work in the past with DDOCast and continuous posts, should also be mentioned. You inspired many of us all by yourself.

    • Almost nostalgic eh? LOL how polite 🙂 I will look up the correct spelling and update things later today.

  8. Thank you so much for this article. It’s getting hard to keep up with all the new sites.

  9. The “extended” DDO community has definitely exploded over the years and it is great to see!! Thanks for the mention as well 🙂 !! Makes me wish I started blogging back when MyDDO was still around. But I’m glad I’m doing it now as I have found it fun and rewarding!! Now if I can only catch back up…I’m currently behind in my blogging…duh!!!

  10. *Blink* *Blink* *Stare*…

    {I’m surprised no one else had done that sooner…hehehe.}

  11. Hey! I see Mizz on there! That MizzaGirl is an interesting person! Like super interesting!

  12. Thanks for the mention. It does look like the link to my youtube channel is broken though 🙂

  13. Yes, thanks link is good now

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