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DDO Player Council
Hopefully the DDO council will be as wise, and less doomed

Here are the things we know for sure:

  • Turbine is announcing the formation of a DDO Players Council
  • The players in the council should be announced by January 27
  • Any active player can apply to be in the council

We can spend a lot of time speculating about the council, which is why the announcement thread is now up to twelve pages, but there is no need. Cordovan has been doing the best he can to get the word out and answer all questions, to the tune of 14 posts in the announcement thread, more activity than I have ever seen him apply to any one topic.

It seems to me that he is telling us everything we need to know, in detail:

That all seems pretty straightforward to me, and comprehensive too. Not that this stops people form making up all kinds of tinfoil-hat silliness, but if you want that, you’re going to have to page through the thread yourself. I’ve done it once already, that was more than enough.

By the way, this is not any sort of surprise, LotRO has had a player council for most of a year. The two councils are not identical, in that (at least some of) the LotRO council gets a paid trip to visit Turbine, while the DDO council gets … <crickets>

But still, one does not undertake a position like this to earn perks, right? One does it to have an impact on the game that one loves. Although a perk or two would be nice.

But back to the LotRO council for a moment: has it worked? I can’t tell really, their forums are full of the same kind of complaining vitriol that ours has, a selection of people hate the idea as much now as they did when it was first announced. Not everything said by this selection of people is invalid, though some of it is the same kind of conspiracy-theory illogic that applies to so much of our forums. But to be fair, there isn’t an easy way to gauge council effectiveness. The only things I was able to learn for certain:

  1. People are super-bitter about the secrecy of the council. Lack of transparency is hurting the majority opinion
  2. Turbine thinks it was successful enough to have it again in 2014. And to expand the concept to DDO

So we have that. Turbine at least believes the DDO council is worthwhile, and since they have experience with the concept, I am going to take their word for it. Of course they don’t think it is worthwhile enough to invest in a trip to Turbine but hey, who am I to be bitter over something like that.

Grumble grumble stupid LotRO gets all the good stuffs. Oops! Did I type that out loud? Sorry.

I have often come out in favor of a Player Ombudsman. This is not the same thing, not at all, an Ombudsman would be a paid position that is employed by Turbine but works for the players. An Ombudsman would be involved in resolving disputes as well as trying to head off disputes in the first place by representing player interests in design and game strategy.

There are intersecting interests between the council and my idea of an Ombudsman, but that is all, they are not the same, and I still think Turbine would be well-served to follow ESPN’s example of how a large company that is dependent on fan interaction can benefit from said position.

But I digress. This is not about my ideas for turning DDO into an MMO utopia, this is about the player council, and I am in favor of anything that will get more players in front of more developers, more often.

Two big thumbs up, Turbine, and godspeed to everyone who ends up on the council.

May your groups focus
And your feedback positive
Council those players!

I want to call out and thank those who have suggested that I apply or would be a good choice: ComicRelief, SebastionOSmith, Empress Mizaroo, @grimorde, your faith in me is as unexpected as it is appreciated. Thank you.

But I have a lot of DDO in my life already, a lot, and I am concerned that the council NDA would prevent me from sharing anything useful here on DDOGamer. Adding another time-consuming avocation that I can’t even write about seems ill-conceived. I haven’t made up my mind for certain but I am leaning towards passing on the council this time around.

On the other hand, as was mentioned when the LotRO council was announced:

And if you have the (questionable?) good taste and (sketchy?) judgement to be reading this, I already know you would be an excellent representative of our DDO-playing populace.

So please, when you get the chance to apply – assuming we do get that chance – please apply! And when you are appointed, council the hell out of them. Council them like crazy!

Because if you don’t the DOOOOOOOM-sayers will. And no one wants that.

Now you have your chance. Now you can apply. Do it! And don’t forget item 16!

We need you.

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. πŸ˜› I hesitated, but decided to send in an application. I don’t expect to be chosen, but sounds like it could be fun to get a chance to see things at early development. I haven’t checked the forums, though, so ty for this info.

    • I forgot what I was actually meant to say. A friend of mine plays LOTRO, and he mentioned the council to me, and said DDO needs one. To me, this shows that Turbine is making an effort to treat DDO as more than LOTRO’s little brother. And maybe there is still hope for DDO after all.

  2. I completely understand about the time it might take and impacting on your playing & blogging (hell – I don’t want anything getting in the way of that!)

    But I still think you would have been an asset to the council πŸ˜€

    • WHAT GRIM SAID!!! Even if yuh can’t blog about certain things anymore, you can still do your DDO memes! πŸ˜€

  3. I’d apply but I don’t have the time. Also, I’d be more interested in supporting what I wanna see than what others wanna see.

  4. I thought about it, too. Like Geoff, it may be better for me to play and report than apply. Other than Monks, my game expertise is limited, and some completionists would be more appropriate on the council.

    • I have to admit I did think about it too. But I don’t have the time to put into projects as it is – so decided not to. And there are a lot more experienced players than I who can give their input πŸ˜€

  5. I didn’t want to add a paid trip to Turbine in the original documents, although you are correct that LOTRO choose to go that route, at least with their initial council. I have X% of sway and ability to decide on some things, and my personal decision was that the kind of money that would be spent bringing several dozen people to Turbine is enough that consideration should be made as to whether it should be spent on other projects and requests. But it’s not entirely ruled out, either. If it happens, it’ll happen in the future and be announced, rather than promised as part of the initial rollout of the council.

    • I am pleasantly surprised to learn that the community relations team has been given so much sway over this idea and its implementation! This is your personal baby? Excellent. The council will be in good hands. πŸ™‚

  6. I’m interested in seeing how the player council will work. I thought about applying but I already spend a lot of time doing things with DDO in the game and off the game. I also spend a lot time doing guild related things and just don’t have the time to devote to it. And I do think something like this does deserve a large amount of devotion.

  7. I think ideally, for this to work most for the players, the council needs to be quite diverse; the council needs to be diverse, but diverse people with a common interest: making DDO the best game on the market!

    Geoff would be a good choice, much like many of our DDO celebrities, but you all have valid reasons for and against why you have and have not applied. πŸ˜‰

    We do need common players, casual players, hardcore players, all kinds in the council, not just 100% Epic Completionists. πŸ˜›

    The opinions of Bob are not necessarily the opinions of the rest of player base (playerbase, player-base… ?).

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