Oct 282013

I’ve had DDO dreams before, including one particularly vivid one that I remembered long enough to share in some detail.

This one wasn’t like that, this was more like a fragment. All I remember is staring at my screen and being befuddled by the new hotbar icons. Partly annoyed with myself for not knowing, partly annoyed with the game for changing so many that I’d already learned, I was examining the screen, wondering.

I remember thinking “Well at least I memorized what the sun does. Why can’t I figure out the jellyfish?”

The Sun and The Jellyfish

I wonder what it was that I thought the sun icon did?
🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. I get this a lot in the new DDO.

  2. I’m more worried when I go to meditate as a Mystic. The buff icon for “Embrace the Void” shows the damage buffer I have (100) when meditating, but the icon shows the ominous words “DO NOT USE.”

    What? Don’t use me? Don’t meditate? Don’t look over here in battle while I’m sitting down with my eyes closed?

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