Aug 032012

DDOCtH Live at GenCon

One of the more interesting events at GenCon this year will be the live broadcast of the DDO Cocktail Hour podcast (DDOCTH).

The podcast is less newsy than DDOCast and much more opinionated. More funny too. Samius and Lessah hold for for (an hour? Ninety minutes? It varies) on a variety of topics which frequently but not always involve DDO.

Sadly the podcast has fallen into disuse this year as Lessah has moved on to other pastimes. She is threatening to return though she requires tasks of Samius to make it so.

All of which only makes GenCon event 31728 that much more interesting. Live, with an audience, and you can attend. And yes, I just checked, there are tickets remaining.

See you there!

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. You forget to say more inebriated too 🙂

  2. I’d say it’s the most interesting event at GenCon.

  3. “CON is not a dump stat.” Oops – wrong “con” (again).

  4. Is there a set date and time for the podcast yet? Won’t be attending from Europe but would like to check on the live podcast?

  5. Saturday Aug 18 @ 8pm Central. Which is, I believe, GMT -5.

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