Dec 222015

DDO Characters Come To Life
A package arrived the other day. Not an Xmas-related package, even though it is that time of year, and even though the package is rather gift-ey. Yet, not Christmas presents. Better. The miniatures I ordered from Hero Forge.

Both of them. My main, Mawry, modeled as closely to her game self as I could manage. And my Gamer Girl’s main Yazdia*, modeled with equal attentiveness.

*My Gamer Girl has alt-itis too. Not as badly as I, but still, she doesn’t really have a main so much as a focused core of three or four characters that she regularly plays. She likes the look of Yazdia the most, I think, second only to her Freezer Burn druid Kitalea. Except Kitalea looks like a little water elemental and Hero Forge doesn’t have a model for that. Yet. So Yazdia it is.

But I digress. This is supposed to be about the minis, right?

Here are Mawry and Yazdia in-game:


Mawry and Yazdia, according to DDO

Mawry and Yazdia, according to DDO


Here they are as they were modeled on the Hero Forge design page:


Mawry and Yazdia in model view

Mawry and Yazdia in model view


And here they are in the delivered, finished product:


Mawry and Yazdia in living miniature

Mawry and Yazdia in living miniature
Click to see the expanded version


I am calling this the finished product, but it isn’t, these minis are designed to be painted. I imagine that painting them would multiply the awesome. But mini painting is a skill I do not possess; this is as finished as they are going to get.

I love them.

What do you think?

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  1. Awesome πŸ™‚

    I was thinking it’d be great to get bronze miniatures, then I looked at the price…
    (Might need to sell a few more kidneys.)

  2. Very cool! Craig has played with that too. Have not ordered them though.

  3. There’s just something awesome about getting 100% custom minis in the mail πŸ˜€

  4. Nice use of a 3D printer.

  5. I ordered a character after I discovered I didn’t have an adequate dwarf fighter for D&D. The Hero Forge site is pretty cool, extremely configurable and a nice end product. It is sort of based on a two-handed fighter dwarf named Blud.

    Silver Dragon Kindred

  6. simply apply a coat of Bronze Spray ;-0 using a “lazy Susan” (goodwill pickup about $0.50)


    … I just don’t want to look at the prices, because I’d probably want all 18 of my Thelanis toons, plus Amie the F2P alt (and maybe her sister Genniah), and at least a few of my alts on other servers (Tirae, Azida, Ironica)…

  8. I got one of my 5th ed tabletop character. A Halfling Bard named Washburn.
    I would love to share an image of him with you all, my friends has even painted it for me!!

  9. They do paint up pretty well. From experience with other plastic models the ones I got to paint were a little delicate but the rough surface was better at holding the colour. I just want the price to be cut in half…at least.

  10. The website is great though, worth a play.

What do you think?

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