Aug 192014

The System is Down
Sorry but I had to remove the feature that shows the latest posts from all of the other DDO blogs. I power that feature using an RSS aggregator, and the one I use has gone bad; it had to be put down.

Suddenly I notice that my site is loading a lot faster. I don’t think this is coincidence.

I am leaving the aggregator disabled until I have time to do some research and maybe find a better one.

I note that Evennote has been tweeting about issues with the aggregator she uses at but hers is still functioning. Please refer there for the latest tidbits from everyone else until I can get this corrected.

Sorry for the inconvenience. I love the DDO blogging community and will do what I can to resume promoting it as soon as possible.


  4 Responses to “DDO Blog Aggregator feature is temporarily offline”

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  1. So…the aggregator was aggravating you?

  2. Holy snap it loads *way* faster now! YAY!!!!!!!!! :P! :)! :D! (your site that is).

  3. I’ve yet to find an aggregator that really works perfectly. There probably would never have been an OurDDO if the original aggregator I used had worked. I’ve tried several other aggregators to try and make one consolidated feed, but the free ones are either incredibly limited or incredibly buggy or both. And I feel the time investment I’m making is enough without also spending real money on it.

    OurDDO currently uses a Google script that for some reason has started dropping posts. Like, a LOT of posts. I’m probably going to be blogging it in the near future, but seems to be a common theme with aggregators.

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