Aug 312012

Ghosts of Perdition

Sometimes events force you to react. For instance, today. I had a plan, I was going to write about DDO Exective Producer Fernando Paiz “State of the game” letter. Although I don’t think they call them “state of the game letters” anymore. But regardless, I had thoughts, I had analysis, I had comparisons to previous letters, I had a plan!

But then I saw this thread.

Apparently someone named MRMechMan started a thread asking for DDO references that would make good band names. Another forumite, Sebastioanosmith responded by posting not just band names, but entire albums including art.

He ended up creating a thread dedicated to the idea. DDO concepts as bands and album covers. My favorite so far?

It just works so well.

The whole idea is such a great and creative concept. Suddenly my head fills with album ideas too! Too many to create, I have to go to work, only time for one.

And so, with homage to the hair metal bands of the 80s, my DDO album cover:

Wail of the Banshee

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  1. Knicker Tam and the Halfling Commandos: The 13th Eclipse

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