Jan 062015

Last week, as I wandered the internet, I couldn’t help but notice something.

No, not porn! At least not only porn. No, it was an ad. For something strange and unexpected, something that I haven’t seen advertised since … I don’t know, it feels like forever … way back in the Day of the Broccoli?


Check it out, a DDO ad!

Advertising! For DDO!
A screenshot: it happened.

Actually, I noted several, on several sites. Which is to be expected, I believe that Google Adsense works by placing specific ads in front of specific people that are likely to be impacted by the ad. Google apparently knows that I like DDO. So, if Turbine is buying Google ads again, then it is likely that I will see them in various places about the web because that is just how it works.

Too bad Google isn’t smart enough to know that I not only like DDO, and am likely to be impacted by it, but I am also already a loyal, paying customer, and the ad is sort of wasted on me.

On second thought, maybe it is good that Google isn’t yet smart enough to figure all of that out. Yet.

And the important thing here is not whether Google’s AdSenses is properly optimized. The important thing is that Turbine is buying ads again!

I’ve already stopped seeing the ads, maybe it was a short campaign. I hope not. I hope they buy ads, lots of ads. Fill the internets with your DDO images, Turbine! Or is it Warner Bros? I don’t know, and I don’t care, but I am happy to see someone trying to market the game again, in whatever form.

The fact is, old as DDO may be, it is still the best choice out there for Free To Play, cooperative fantasy MMO. There are lots of competitors – dozens, maybe hundreds – but a recent determined search by myself and my Gamer Girl found that all of the newer games are centered on PvP. Or like Minecraft in that you don’t play you just build. Or impaired by out of balance pay-to-win. Or otherwise flawed, terminally. All of them, one flaw or another. We spent a good month searching for a DDO alternative.

We didn’t play all of these other games, we only read about them, but we did do our homework. Legitimately. We wanted a DDO alternative, but none exists, not really, not yet.

DDO may be getting up there in years but the grey lady has still got game.

She may be aging
But she’s still the best in class
All she needs is you

So let’s get the word out Turbine! More ads, more!

Spam the unknowing! Blanket the web! Fill their email boxes!

Go get us some new players however you have to do it. They’ll be glad you did. So will we.

Advertising. For the win!

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. Ads, ads, ads ads, ADS, ADS , more the merrier!! If WoW can do it so can DDO!

  2. Woo DDO, woo Broccoli!

    I love that I feel (deluded or not) that I can customise my character in DDO, yes not to the extent of sliders for body parts, or some other cosmetic thing; I love making a halfling rogue that uses great swords, not because it’s effective (I’m totally sure it is), but because I want to.

    And, and, and … it’s nutritious!

  3. I need a similar search for a replacement over a year ago and found nothing that could hold a candle to DDO in the fantasy MMO sphere. The only game I researched that I actually started playing is Age of Conan which is still not nearly as good as DDO. DDO needs to address its ongoing technical issues with lag, bugs, exploits, and so on and also advertise the game to pull in more players as DDO has not really met its potential yet.

  4. There does seem to have been a marked increase in social media traffic lately – I’m thinking Twitter here since that’s where I tend to hang out.

    I’ve no idea if DDOCentral is officially associated with DDO & Turbine (I have assumed so but checking the blog site just says they are a central resource) but they have been covering blogs, tweets, and YouTube videos a lot lately. Pushing more out into the twitterverse πŸ˜€

  5. DDOCentral is a volunteer effort but we have been very effective since starting in September 2014. DDOCentral has 1,650 e-mail followers and is ranked at about 500,000th in terms of U.S. site traffic on alexa.com. We are also starting to build our Twitter following (1,410 Twitter followers as of today) as Twitter drives a good deal of traffic to ddocentral.com.

  6. Well, I suppose ‘passive’ advertisement is better than nothing. Still wish they’d do more ‘active’ advertising…

  7. Now that you bring it up, I haven’t seen any DDO ads pop up on our Guild Portal website or even on the DDO wiki, which of course doesn’t really need them. So I’m glad to see these ads starting to pop pack up once again. Promoting this great game is always a good thing :).

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