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I could sense something up there but I was unprepared for what the TS would reveal...

I could sense something up there but I was unprepared for what the TS would reveal…

Saturday March 8, 2014:
Snowshoeing at Lake Louise. Image taken at the west end of the lake and approximately 200 metres beyond the ice-wall where the ice-climbers put on their show.

This picture was taken about a quarter of the way into our 10km snowshoe adventure. I am here because two days a week I do not touch my computer and anywhere outdoors is fertile ground for the imagination. Some trips I see everything in nature as….nature. Other trips I see other…… things. Short of injury, unpleasant weather or adverse conditions can be the most productive. The benefits of an outing are not always apparent in the moment. The pictures and emotions need time to stew……

A hobgoblin, on the trail ahead, ducks furtively behind a broken pine. A giant on the far slope is cracking rocks and studying the little-bits. A Snow Dragon is asleep? on a fallen tree….. One look at this wall and I knew that I had been found. Suddenly, clear as you see me standing there I could see Luedwig on the air-ship. A dwarf alone, doing nothing and forced to watch another xp-weekend fly by unexploited. Bored and frustrated, the Pale-Master makes his way to the cockpit of the airship. He talks to a certain navigater. A mind-flayer who suggests they might send a message: Epic TR ready. All destinies within sight of cap. You stupid Human Nob! What are you off doing this time? Don’t make me come get you.

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Luedwig Bait H’oven
Thelanis 2006

PS. I hope to one day post our whole adventure as seen through the eye’s of the Eberron-tainted but the stew is…..stewing. 😉

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  1. Awesome. Really.

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