Jan 112017

Sometimes, it seems, my disco balls exceed the bounds of pure energy and realize as matter.

That is a hard sentence, let me take another shot at it.

Last night, while running Let Sleeping Dust Lie, I cast Otto’s Sphere of Dancing in a spot where monsters normally drop from the ceiling. Except last night instead of dropping, they were stopped cold by the outer limits of my sphere, dancing on the top, never actually penetrating into the space below where we waited.

This wasn’t a problem, actually it was quite the bonus, and one which I wish I could use again in other situations. Our group was well-equipped with ranged DPS and instantkill spellcasting and no monster could stand, or dance, anywhere that we could reach. Which was everywhere.

I tried to get a shot of one of the ogres dancing on top of the Otto’s Sphere, but I never could, we killed them too fast. I did get a pretty cool shot of one lying face down on the shell:

Something about it appeals to me. I think it is the colors, but maybe it is the looking upward? Or maybe it is the shapes in the ceiling? Probably it is all of the above. I added it to my rotating wallpaper selection.

What do you think? Wallpaper-worthy?

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  1. Sounds like a song from the ’80s, “Dancing on the Ceiling”.

  2. It’s a glitch. There are no floating ogres.

  3. This is the first time that I was present at the scene of a legendary post describing an event. That was a fun night.

  4. Geoff’s posts are a great cure for post-Trump-press-conference blues. I may have to take one of my bards into Sleeping Dust tonight and try to duplicate this.

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