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PumpkinsSomeone forwarded this to me in a dream one night not long ago. I’m sure, had I access to a Mind Flayer or two, that I could prove it came from the land where “festivals are dreamed”. It may also have come from my own anonymous source deep within the plane of Dolurrh. His(her?) innuendo suggests that other children have begun to write their own special letters to the Festivus of Mabar offering to help in finding a cure for the bugs. Believe it or not, there is even a child who claims that it was his own mother who was instrumental in finding a cure for Jeets. Inspirational! I don’t know what a Festivus of Mabar is but I have a theory that the Dwarf we know as the Jester consumed at least one twin in utero. I have sent an urgent request for help to the only expert in this field that I know of; one Mr Benji Frank Chang of the First Chang Dynasty. it is my hope to develop a simple breath-alyzer for detecting trace elements of a consumed sibling. Mr. Chang’s participation in this research is expected to be enormously helpful.

Please click on the following image to read the child’s letter which I received from my source deep inside the Plane of Dolurrh.

If you don’t recognize the unapproved tie-in tribute to another’s excellent work please hit this LINK!

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Thelanis 2006

Ps. The Palemaster Luedwig-Lich has just completed his third fill-up of the Arcane Destiny Sphere and with his third Epic TR is set to immediately go heroic and knock off a pair of ….not-sure-as-yets! I hope you weren’t expecting milk and cookies without the bits of bone and marrow worked right in for good measure. 😉 In character….he’s a LICH!

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  1. But but but … you never told us where the pumpkins go 🙁

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