Jul 032015

Again?!  Yes!!

Well it’s that time of year again. Time for the Pirate Event in all its former glory.

I say former because I have just about every treasure item you can get from the event. I’ve been running it for years. Sure it’s a grind (OMG the doors are open to crystal cove and I don’t have any compasses yet!), but oh how I love it.

I ran into an old friend on the Ghallanda server and I excitedly sent him a tell assuming he was in Smuggler’s Rest. I asked him what he was doing and he said, “Getting ready to flag for VoN.” Flag for VoN! On the first day of the Pirate Event? Outrageous.

Anyway, I coaxed him into bringing a friend and joining my group. The Cove wouldn’t be open for some time so we had plenty of time to farm for compasses.

He and his friend, a sorceror and a rogue, traveled from House K to the Harbor and soon I was excitedly jumping and clapping on the ship in Smuggler’s Rest. They just stared at me with puzzled expressions on their toon faces. Those looks said, ‘What’s the big deal? We’ve done this a million times.’

True. But we are SUPPOSED to be excited when the Pirate Event comes around. It’s how things are done on Eberron. Right?

Not so for them. They lasted about ten minutes in the public area before my friend politely said, “We’re gonna go on an adventure. Cya around.”

I was baffled. And sad. And a little miffed.

Things have changed and the old-time players have moved on to other things.

But what’s this? There’s a whole mess of new players standing on the ship, looking around in wonder and wanting to join a group.

Crystal Cove Event again? Yes! I love it.

*LFM. All welcome*


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  1. There’s a really simple way to make it relevant again… take each item and remove something from it and add something different.

    So for the Swashbuckler – remove the guardbreaking and add in prr one year. The next year swap it out for sonic spell power, then mrr, or spell lore, or balance or…etc.

    The only programming needed would be possibly making the icons a different color so they can be identified quickly in your inventory.

    I’d love to push back through it for another spyglass set that had an invis clicky on it instead of secret doors, or a heroism / greater heroism clicky or a 2 min displacement clicky with a long cooldown or…

    From the stuff I’m hearing/reading from the producers side, its a struggle to keep up with content for everyone. And I agree with them fully. They can’t give a product for free and then turn out new events every year, its just not cost effective. But putting one developer on it for a day or two to create new icons and swap out an effect set for the 25 or so items would breathe new life into a played out event.

    This would work on all events. It also can make the old items more appreciated. As in “Man I wish they’d bring back the cloak of night with nightmare guard”. Then you can have a throwback event where you can get the old items. Or a random event where its a cheaper cost but a random item effect.

    Lots of flexibility with little programming (as far as I can see) time invested.

    Just an idea for both people who read your blog to think about 🙂

  2. I hate to admit it, but I’ve become one those jaded types. Lol. After the first two times the event was run, and I skipped it because the only rewards I had seen were the hats (whoops!), the third time I kind of went nutballs. While it was open, it was Crystal Cove all day, erry day, to make sure I had all the gear I wanted for each of my (too many) toons’ entire lives. Yeah, that included the 4, 8, 12, 16, and 20 versions. I still have more doubloons and stolen gems in my shared bank than I know what to do with, just in case. So am I, personally, excited? No.

    Do I think they should stop running the Cove? Absolutely not. Because every time it opens, there are scores of new players doing exactly the same thing I did. There’s always going to be a schism between the new players who are still excited about the Cove loot and the vets who aren’t running it, and that’s part of any event on a game where it’s been around for a while.

    Having said all that… randomizing some of the clickies? Hmmm….. yeah, I’d cash in some resources for a chance at a Treasure Hunter’s Spyglass with a Stoneskin clicky.. 😀

  3. ok fine, Luedwig will visit the cove and force a guild or two to join him tonight on Thelanis but if a certain halfling starts dancing, clapping and cheering then it’s Stoneskin and over the side! “Oh wait, what’s this, a water breathing…? I think I’ll hold onto this for awhile, if you don’t mind?” 😉

  4. I have always liked the Crystal Cove. I look at these special events differently than many others. I run them when I can, but I don’t constantly run them over and over again. I still maintain my regular questing but I augment it with some runs through the Cove and the Smuggler’s Rest when I see an opening. I do this for all of the events and although I don’t have every piece of nice gear for all my characters, it does keep the event fresh for me each year :). Time to hunt some pirates down this week!!

  5. The first time I Cove’d I had know idea what was happening and even less of what I was doing so I gave it a wide berth.
    My 2nd year on DDO I looked forward to the cove immensely and ran it and had fun and ended up wit hardly any treasures 🙁
    My 3rd year on DDO, I took a week off work and ground the hell out of the cove, so much so it took me a few days to recover or even log on to DDO!!!!!
    My 4th year, hehehe, I did the exact same thing as year 3!
    My 5th year I had a decent stock of goodies so I played with friends and pugs and had lots of fun without killing myself IRL to do it and I now have plenty more gems and shards and goodies.
    This year I have run with pugs and friends for fun as well, and used the Cove as a testing ground for my Warlock toon and am getting a few items I thought I had but didn’t!

    You can’t not love the cove. Swashbucklers should be required to get to the Cove every year now and have a Swashbuckling good time!!!

    As a player, it can get boring eventually.
    The random Clicky idea, yes please.
    The Augment gems they told us they were going to bring out at the same time the Glass Cannon came out, that would also make it very interesting for all players.

    They don’t have to re-invent the cove, just give it a shake and freshen it up a little, maybe even just expand the map by another 50%.

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