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Pirates from all around Shargon's Teeth had set sail towards this small island.

Pirates from all around Shargon’s Teeth had set sail towards this small island.

Despite all of my adventuring, and my seemingly endless quest of fighting undead, I hold a small love of the sea, because whenever I’m out near the expansive waves, I am reminded of the small fishing thorp I lived in through the early years of my life. As such, I have had kept an ear out for any news concerning the isle of Shargon’s Teeth. The usual reports of any event that may appear to be a promising adventure soon became about as common as reports of kobold attacks. The countless sahuagin tribes are always at war with each other, if not, then raiding other civilizations.

Because of this, I was quite surprised to hear that a small island was the shelter to a key to finding a treasure. Hidden in treacherous waters is a rumored island that contains a treasure that some say could make anyone rich enough to join the Aurum. Apparently, I’m not the only one who took interest in this news, since word also has it that pirates from all around Shargon’s Teeth had set sail towards this small island known as Smuggler’s Rest.

I decided to travel to the island, in hopes of finding this rumored treasure. On the journey, several possibilities of what this treasure may be kept running through my head. Is there relics of the ancient Giant Empire? An artifact hidden by the sahuagin? Or something sealed away by powerful mages of a fair or foul nature?

Upon arriving at Smuggler’s Rest, the scene I saw wasn’t what I expected. The ship that the invading pirates traveled on was docked in the harbor, but the town and harbor were intact. In fact, the town was over run without any casualties. The town itself didn’t even have any guards or defense of any sort.

The earlier arrival of another organization that I was not expecting prematurely told me what the treasure was. The Kobold Union’s Foreman Wee Yip Yip stood at the docks, talking about Dragonshards. I was mildly disappointed in hearing this, as Dragonshards hold no particular interest of mine. However, I soon began to learn of the lore of the island I was staying at, and how it got the name as a spot that pirates have often visited to bury some treasure of theirs, but their contents were rumored to be only a fraction of the cost of the wealth in Crystal Cove.

For a couple of weeks I stayed at Smuggler’s Rest, adventuring the area, eventually finding a few of the small hidden treasures buried in the sands, and dueling with the pirates, which consisted of kobolds, drow, goblinoids, minotaurs, half-orcs, and ogres. Some of the treasures I discovered were not of monetary value, but instead natural beauties of the land. One small gully was a shallow lake slowly filling up with water pouring in from several waterfalls.

Scattered around the area were small pieces of paper, with some enchantment cast on them to prevent their destruction. Alone, they seemed worthless. Their true nature is revealed when they are put together in the proper order by someone with the skill to figure out the markings on them. This was the key to Crystal Cove. This, despite my previous judgments towards the treasure, sparked my curiosity, and I soon began collecting them.

It turns out that these pieces were desired by a woman who did know the pattern of the pieces and how to put them in a consecutive order. The woman, named Euphonia, was setting up a crew and an adventuring party to travel to the cove, and has hired the Kobold Union to extract the shards. Today, Euphonia found the bigger picture, and now I’m sitting on the ship to Crystal Cove. I’m not sure what lies ahead of me, for better or for worse, but this is one adventure that I’m quite excited to take part of.

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  2. Anyone who discovers an opportunity to employ the word ‘thorp’ is all right in my book! I really liked the way you explained the map pieces. Now I’ll try to be a little more patient in Smuggler’s Rest as I wait for the Cove’s doors to open.

    “Count please?”



    Nice first post, Bambi.

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