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Crunching cards as fast as I can
Sparksy makes a new Tome

If you read yesterday’s article, or follow the DDO forums at all, then you already know that the 40th Anniversary Card event is coming to a close. You will lose the ability to redeem your trading cards from that event sometime in the next 1-4 weeks when Update 24 drops – a date which is apparently cannot be announced for some odd reason or other, at least not yet. But is coming. Soon.

I don’t know about you, but I am trying to crunch every last bit of anniversary goodness out of each card. As fast as I can. But I have a couple hundred cards left, even though I’ve been using them up for months, meaning I have a LOT of crunching to do. Others have it even worse.

I can’t carefully plan out every crunch, there’s just too many cards, and I have way too many characters. So I developed an algorithm.

  1. Order my characters by the amount of play time they each receive, most to least
  2. Log in with each character
  3. Use up all of the cards that this specific character needs until all glaring holes are filled
  4. Repeat

I’ve only made it through a couple of characters. You can’t crunch in a hurry; the card cruncher seems to actually slow down the more you watch it; a devilish feature indeed, the more you want it to go fast, the more it wants to go slow.


But I digress. This is not about relative time passing but rather, how to crunch everything you have and do so without sacrificing effectiveness.

I took the liberty of listing all of the possible card rewards (from this chart, thank you again DDO Wiki, your awesomeness continues to be an inspiration to the entire DDO community!). Then I sorted them by quantity and name.

I was surprised that this closely matches the way I would have ordered them by hand, in terms of desirability, if I had the time to rank 50 items by hand.

Here’s the list:

Qty Item
+2 Tome of Skill (Use Magic Device +2)
+3 Tome of Bodily Health (Constitution +3)
+3 Tome of Clear Thought (Intelligence +3)
+3 Tome of Gainful Exercise (Strength +3)
+3 Tome of Leadership and Influence (Charisma +3)
+3 Tome of Quickness in Action (Dexterity +3)
+3 Tome of Skill
+3 Tome of Understanding (Wisdom +3)
+4 Tome of Skill
Card XI
Collapsed Portable Hole
Eternal Flask of Death Ward
Eternal Flask of Displacement
Eternal Flask of Free Movement
Eternal Flask of Haste
Eternal Flask of Stoneskin
Huge Collectables Bag
Huge Gem Bag
Huge Ingredients Bag
Large Augment Bag
Ruby Eye of the Glacier
Ruby Eye of the Inferno
1 Ethereal Rest Shrine Statuette
1 Key of Destiny
1 Sovereign I Experience Elixir
2 Rods of Teleport
3 Siberys Spirit Cakes
3 Supreme Siberys Spirit Cakes
4 Raid Timer Bypass Hourglasses
5 Jeweler’s Tool Kits
5 Medium Jewels of Fortune
7 Bottled Tornadoes
7 Bottles of Flesh to Stone
7 Bottles of Heal
7 Bracelets of Friends
7 Major Slayer Count Boosts
12 Pork Barrels
15 Bottled Tornadoes
15 Bottles of Flesh to Stone
15 Bottles of Heal
16 Lasting Elixirs of Supreme Ability
20 Concentrated Elixirs of Superior Mnemonic Enhancement
24 Gold Seal Elixirs of Superior Healing
25 Bells of Opening
25 Concentrated Elixirs of Major Mnemonic Enhancement
30 Gold Seal Elixirs of Sovereign Healing
50 Bottled Fireballs
100 Bottled Fireballs
100 Tasty Hams
200 Star Sapphires

Permanent Increases

At the top are the very most effective rewards: things which will improve your character forever, every time you play.

Not every item applies to every character. My main already has +3 or better on every statistic and on every skill that she regularly uses. No one on my team needs any more bags. But still, for most of my characters, the very best and most effective thing they can do is elevate their stats and skills or DPS permanently.

This is maybe just me, but I wouldn’t even consider selecting from the consumable list until I’d given all of my characters every one of the permanent increases they can use.

Temporary Items that add Permanent Increases

Next up in my recommendation would be XP and slayer potions. Even though the boost they provide is temporary, that boost provides XP and XP are permanent*. So although the Experience Elixir and Slayer Count boosts did not sort to the top of the consumable portion of the list, pretend they did, and select them next anyway.

* One could argue that even XP are not permanent in a world where one can TR and start over. And one would be correct. Still, XP is the most permanent of the consumable item awards and I remain in favor of taking it as a high priority.

Things You Have To Buy From the DDO Store

If you have already crunched all the permanent increases you need, consider stocking up on items that you will use but normally cost Turbine Points. I am not big on Jeweler’s Kits but I do use them now and then, having a stack in my shared bank will save me a lot of TP.

Ditto for Destiny Keys, Rods of Teleport, Bells of Opening, and especially, Siberys Spirit Cakes. Which are awesome in their own right. If you regularly use any of these, stock up while you can.

Play Style Enhancers

Next for me is items that improve the way I play the character. This includes the Eternal Flasks, but beware, all of them share the same cool down timer, as does the Bottomless Flask of Rum from the Crystal Cove event. You can only have one Flask in effect at any one time.

Also in this category, if your character is a caster, Concentrated Elixirs of Major (or Superior) Mnemonic Enhancement. There is a world of difference in how you play a caster when you are trying to carefully shepherd your spell points into lasting between shrines, and the way you play a caster when you don’t care how much spells cost. Spells Gone Wild. It is awesome, even if not sustainable, and the quantities you can stockpile of these concentrated versions means you’ll be toasting everything you see at full power for months (or maybe even years!).

Bottom of the heap

And that is that. Nothing else on the list applies to me at all. I will use up all my cards, even if that means I have to invest in items I don’t normally care about, but even then there are some things I simply won’t buy. I’d rather just throw away the cards than waste them on any of:

  • Collapsed Portable Hole: you only need one per character, And you get one already
  • Jewels of Fortune: Meh. Random is as random does
  • Tornadoes and Fireballs: I won’t remember to use them so why bother
  • Lasting Elixirs of Supreme Ability: With a 10-minute duration they don’t actually last
  • Pork Barrels: the explosion is kind of fun. But the hams are a space waster
  • Tasty Hams: Why? When you can have a pork barrel full of them?
  • Star Sapphires: Only useful for platinum. Ugh.

Maybe I should have posted this back in April when the cards were still new and fresh. But I felt no urgency; we were told the cards would be around, there was no rush. I liked that I could store everything card-related in a single space in my shared bank and pull it out when needed. Nothing is more card-effective than only taking out what you are going to immediately use.

But nonetheless, that option is closing, and the trading card endgame approaches.

Hopefully this helps you make up your mind about what to do too.

I will keep one of each kind of card just to have them. They will remain good for importing into your Image Library too, although I am not even certain what my Image Library is or how it helps me.

But that is just me. How will you use up your card stockpile?

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  1. This is probably similar to how I will use my cards, even though I don’t think I’ve crushed any since I got them, if I stop procrastinating and actually crush them before time runs out!

    I’m actually inclined to make actual cards (slips of paper), and do some serious planning. Maybe I’ll just use Paint or Excel like I usually do, but this paper idea is growing on me, in a good way.

  2. I only heard about the cards going on Saturday evening, so Sunday morning I logged on and spent an hour crunching:-

    1. 50% XP pots
    2. Making sure my main has +3 to all skills (he has +6 stat tomes)
    3. Making sure my most played alts have +3 stat tomes
    4. Mana pots
    5. Healing pots

    I won’t need to worry about spell points for a while.

    And I’m still annoyed that I’ve had to crunch them in one go rather than use them when I felt the need ‘sigh’

  3. Assuming one can log in to crunch these cards…

  4. If you’ve got any IX through XI cards (on any/all servers) I can borrow (yes, only borrow – I’ll give ’em back…unless you don’t care) to add to my image gallery, that’d be nice. I could also use a type X to crunch on Thelanis.

    • Also looking to borrow card VI on Argo, Wayfinder, and Khyber…

    • Give Bob a bell on Cannith, before I crush too many more… We should have a couple of days (sorry I crushed my VI on Argo.).

      • I just got some more VIs on Argo… lol, I really need to add you to my friends list on more servers (and I imagine vice versa).

        • Cool. Thanks!. See my latest blog posting for a “who’s who” (for me me) on all servers.

          I really only actually play on Argo, Cannith, and Thelanis, with an occasional trip to Ghallanda (my “super under level “The Pit” runner), but feel free to say “hi” if you do ever actually see me.

          • I’ll get Bob or one of his assistants to sort something out.

            (Bob has a PA on each server called Lynica, who can field queries.)

  5. I’m going to try to take care of all of this “crunchiness” this weekend and during the week of Thanksgiving. I was kind of planning the same type of crunching method myself :).

  6. I always seem to end up with IIs and VIIs, whilst I love Tasty Ham, I’m sure I need that much of it…

    /LFH <3

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