Dec 032014

Crunchapalooza - entering the home stretch
All of my characters are fully equipped: what to do with the leftovers?




<shakes hands to work out the clicking kinks>

Done crunching.

<stretches hands and fingers>

At last I have used every unit, built every bonus, and crunched every card. All of them. The entire multi-hundred card collection of DDO Anniversary Cards. Crunched, every one.

It took a couple of days. Partly because I am lazy and keep taking breaks, but mainly because there were so many cards! So many. But the deadline is coming: must crunch all the cards!

I made +3 Tomes for all of characters on Sarlona that is not a mule, for every attribute. I have fifteen real, non-mule characters on Sarlona. Almost all of them needed at one or two +3 Tomes, and most of them needed several. A few needed all six of them.

That’s a lot of Tomes!

Then I made +3 Skill Tomes for all of my characters too, for all of the skills they were most likely to use. My Commando Mawry uses almost all of her skills. My Cleric Brymn only uses a couple. Still, fifteen characters, with multiple skills per character.

That’s a lot of Skill Tomes!

Then I made a couple of batches of Concentrated Mana potions for every character that is a caster, and a couple of batches of Bells of Opening for every character that likes to solo but isn’t a rogue.

That’s a lot of Bells and Mana!

Somewhere around here I ran out of Card I. Which was cool, I had made it to my very last character and even he got almost everything he might want. Not quite everything, no Bells for Rancyd, but everything else. In plenty.

So many things made. So many cards used. So many crunches.

But still there were leftovers. Quite a few leftovers. Nothing for it but to start crunching through them too. I started with the smallest pile, found what I wanted to make that used that card, and crunched them all. Then I picked the next smallest pile, select a prize, crunch crunch crunch. Repeat until all cards are used up.

  •   1 Ruby Eye of the Inferno
  • 21 Siberys Spirit Cakes (yum!)
  •   8 Sovereign Experience Elixirs
  • 70 Major Slayer Count Boosts
  • 120 Gold Seal Elixirs of Sovereign Healing
  • 220 Concentrated Elixirs of Superior Mnemonic Enhancement
  • 16 Teleport Rods

And remember, all of this was made after I’d given fifteen characters everything they needed or might want. Fifteen characters. With this giant pile of goodies left over.

Crunchapalooza - the aftermath
Something about all those Teleport Rods seems off …

I screwed up the Teleport Rods, not noticing that they were Bind to Character, and made them all on one character that could already Teleport. Completely useless, can’t even sell them. Nothing for it but to throw them away. But so what, that represented only 16 cards and I still have so many nice things.

So many!

Nice things!

No I don’t have 700 Ruby Eyes. And no I don’t have a full panel of Tornadoes saved up. In fact, I have no Bottled Tornadoes at all. So what? I have more good stuff than I can use. More than enough.

So many nice things!

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Yup, i too got caught with Crunchapalooza. All my chars on Argo are loaded with +3 stat tomes, mana pots, 50%XP pots, Bells of opening, Health pots, Bottled Tornados and Bottled Fireballs. And tiny bits of other stuff to get rid of most cards.
    On behalf of my chars i’d like to thank all the folks who joined in the ACCWTE (Anniversary Card Cross Worlds Trading Event) so i was able to collect a nice bag ‘o cards!!

  2. That’s a lotta slayer pots, so if you get lucky with that archmage encounter in the kings forest who opens a portal, don’t kill the named & it’ll spawn endlessly, (scaling with party size so LFM up), meaning you can zoom right through early epics on an eTR & get back to your CITW loots – 7k kills in about 60mins, up to 1.5mil total XP iirc.

    How did you move the cards between servers?

  4. Not alone in wondering about that….

  5. I did the cross world swapping and had 3 accounts, plus I won some on DDOCast too. Lots of sov pots and slayer pots for me. Just did 5000 slays in the Orchard in an hour and the xp was fantastic. 412k xp on the 5k kills easy levelling.

  6. I’m done crunching (unless I can get a type X [Tiamat] on Thelanis). Didn’t have nearly as many to crunch as you. I have (2) IIs and (1) VII left on Cannith, if anyone wants them.

    If anyone has any spare type IVs (Mimic) and/or type XI (The Dungeonmaster) on Argo that I can keep, I’m still looking to complete my set there. Thanks to Bob (and his alts), I was able to borrow the cards for my image gallery, so I do have a complete image gallery (sans XII) on Argo.

    Still looking to borrow IX on all servers, except Argo; X on all servers, except Argo and Cannith; and XI on all servers, except Argo and Sarlona.

    {I’m thinking I won’t be getting a full set on every server. But still trying to…}

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