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Monks ... no wait ... Druids!
No wait … Favored Souls!

Today, we will jointly and as a group decide which class is really the “best” for soloing.

I made an attempt at doing this all by myself yesterday. The resulting post certainly brought out some varied and interesting viewpoints. And so many different ways to say “I disagree”, some so very colorful, the forums especially provided quite an interesting bit of reading.

But then the forums excel at bringing the unpleasant to any conversation.

Nonetheless, the feedback here and in the forums contains some interestingly useful criticisms which seem to hold merit.

  • I failed to consider Evasion in defense ratings
  • Warforged really do change the game for self-healing
  • So do Pale Masters
  • I did not include any of the new iconics

Other critiques have a point but talk to specific builds and play-styles more than they do the core class. Of course, some of the critiques are simply wrong (traps and locks were already discounted in the formula by 50%, anyone who believes “reflex is the only save that matters” has never been Held while soloing, etc.) or refer to matters outside the scope of this rating attempt (specifically, multi-class soloing, which I do want to get to but is a big, big topic and not for today).

And I am continuing to skip Iconics. For now.

Although no one said this directly, I probably should have used a word like “easiest” instead of “best”, as the word “best” seems to deflect the intent of the conversation into less desirable directions.

Interestingly, no one seemed to mind the six categories that I came up with to help differentiate the classes. Most of the angst had to do with how I rated various classes within those categories. The rest of the angst was harder to pin down, non-specific angst that just didn’t like the whole idea.

I reviewed all the input, adjusted my rankings accordingly, added warforged (I had to treat them as a separate class which was not ideal but no better idea was forthcoming) and ended up with this:

Solo Classes Revised

But enough about me, lets talk about you (all). Here is everyone’s chance to set me straight once and for all. I’ve created one poll for each of the six aspects that we are using to differentiate soloing classes. Pick your choice(s) for best class at each aspect.

You can choose more than one, so if more than one class is “the best”, or close to “the best”, you should reflect this in your votes. In fact, if you want you can choose them all, but by doing so you wash out your choice and have the same effect as not voting at all.

Next week I’ll add these all up and report back with the crowd-sourced version of the “Best” class for soloing.

Go ahead, have at me. I can take it.

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

  12 Responses to “Crowdsourcing the Best Class For Soloing”

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  1. Without even reading the article, I’m with the smart looking gal in the penguin outfit!

  2. πŸ˜€ I’m gonna pass, since I seldom to never solo, and I only run hard/ normal for xp farm. πŸ˜›

    • I’m also passing πŸ˜›

      Ignoring that I find this whole business counterproductive to MMOs, ha-ha, I’m sure my opinion wouldn’t match anyone else’s!

      Can I figure out some sort of Nun/Bard build… Sister Act anyone?

      • But solo playing the game ISNT counter productive to an MMO. MMOs don’t exist for us to Ailey do every single quest with each other. For example: I pretty much solo the game. My socialness comes from talking with others, giving advice to newbies and having a fun time in chat with friends/guildies/random chat peeps. Nowhere in there is solo playing counter pruductive to an MMO.

        • I do agree, but I sometimes feel a trend for the game to be like other MMOs, where people solo their way until “end-game”…

          I probably spend more time chatting that questing, I’ve even tried to explain to people in a game like DDO chatting is just as valuable as the questing.

          I’m sure people will brand me with some sort of hypocritical label, regardless; but, I’ve noticed a lot of people have trouble chatting and playing at the same time. Voice chat eases this, but then they forget to read, or relay raid instructions via text as well.

          This is getting TLDR.

  3. Geoff you should do more of these surveys they are fun.

  4. I’m changing my vote to the Nun class with their Vorpal Ruler of Greater Good. They get Protection from Trolls and their weapon does Slashing, Bludgeoning and Shaming damage, with a special SCORN! attack if you’re very naughty. πŸ™‚

  5. I haven’t read the other article so this may have been mentioned already, but the iron dog and the wolf are extremely useful as well and should be considered in the voting – also I think crowd control should be a topic – even in solo play if you can get a bunch of guys dancing your DPS doesn’t matter as much – if you can have a long successfull mass hold or a great charm….etc.

  6. While the stats presented here are interesting, I have to disagree hugely with the implication that trapping and lock opening somehow has equal weight to offense, defense and survivability when it comes to solo play. There are people out there who can solo epic elite raids and then turn around and say the game is too easy, and I’ve never seen one of them even MENTION trapping/lockpicking.

  7. I must say not enough weight has been given to offense, or crowd control which isn’t even a category,
    a sorc can clear a room in one to two fireballs making any semblance of defence somewhat irrelevant, don’t get me wrong, i still run mine around with a big old sky-vault, but the point remains, once a player has enough dps the requirement for good defense does subside substantially, except in the case of red names with lots of hit points.
    Also this doesn’t take into account the idea of being far away as a form of defense, an AA can shoot all day with paralysing arrows and nobody can get close, therefore decreasing the amount of self-heals required, which at level 14 becomes quite adequate.

  8. Alright everyone, Empress Mizzaroo is going to solve the issue regarding which class can handle traps the best. The answer is simple: Barbarians. Why Barbarians? Simple! They don’t give a flipping flying frak about traps! They just give a war cry and charge right through! That children, makes them the best. You’re welcome.

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