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Dec 102012

Coin-Operated Machinery

Recently, Coin Serf – who is my haggler, crafter, and fairly decent sorceror – has begun accumulating so many essences of a specific type that they no longer fit into her Huge Ingredient Bag. That is really quite a lot of essences, the Bag is able to hold 5000 of everything.

So I started stacking them up in one of Coin’s backpack slots. Except they are piling up and Coin does not have unlimited inventory. Time to do something about it.

Time to craft up some Crafting XP.

Win this pup!Coin has been at this Cannith crafting thing for awhile, an unexpectedly long, strange road of construct, deconstruct, and disjunct. It is unreal how much loot I’ve funneled through this project; almost everything I’ve looted in the last year-and-a-half has been deconstructed to feed the endless maw that is the crafting grind.

And yes it has been a grind. A very grindy grind.

It didn’t start like this, or to be fair, yes it did start like this but I just didn’t catch on. Oh how naive I was, thinking I could just buy my way to high levels of crafting expertise. No. I had no idea just how difficult attaining the highest Crafting levels would be.

At first I sent all my loot to Coin to deconstruct. Once Turbine changed deconstruction to earn more plat but zero XP, I stopped sending the items and just had everyone deconstruct their own stuff and pass over the essences. Same basic effect, almost everything I’ve looted in 18 months has been converted into essences.

This is sounding more like a gripe than I intended. The leveling process was not all bad, not at all. I quickly gained enough crafting levels to be able to thoroughly equip new and/or lowbie characters. My reincarnating characters have never lacked for anything.

Yet it was not long before most of my characters outgrew my ability to equip them through crafting. Although that is likely according to design.

Up until 12th level, Cannith crafting produces items that are as good or better than anything that can be looted. At 12th level, green steel items are the top-shelf but even then, Cannith-crafted equipment has a role in filling out the character. Only a few named items are superior to Cannith crafting AND green steel until one starts reaching levels 18+ when even green steel begins to lose its luster and Cannith-crafted items are finally put away once and for all.

This seems like something that is working the way it is supposed to: if there is any shortcoming at all, it was with my expectations, not with the system.

So now, nearly two years later, I’ve deconstructed and crafted my way up to level 100. This is high enough to make pretty much anything I want for myself, but not high enough to do the same for others; the unbound recipes require much higher crafting levels.

And thus I found myself yesterday, looking at several very large piles of essences, and a stack of medium Crafting Experience Elixirs that I’d won via lottery.

It took nearly two hours to craft my way through that pile of essences. I made shards in the (descending) order of experience they would earn, and kept at each shard until the experience I earned for it dropped below 150. I had to run back and forth between the Bound and Unbound shard creators to keep the XP per shard above 150; when I depleted the recipes at one I would swap to the other, while earning levels provides access to a new set of recipes.

When the dust settled, I’d earned about 20 levels of each type. A very significant gain. I was pleased. And raised my click total to somewhere around 32000.

Wow. 32,000 clicks. Not including all of the deconstructs done by my other characters.

My clicky finger aches just thinking about it.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. I am around 100-110 in each school and approaching a similar essence point on Samius, but i haven’t moved all the essences over to him from alt yet. Think i will take the newest TR earned green bag and do some gathering up at some point and go for a level boost OR i will just sell my over flow essences to a more hard core crafter. Flexible shards are about all i care about now, BTA shards are well enough for me for now at least.

    In fact i have been selling to the vendor for most of this TR push because i was down to about 100k plat on all my alts added together and i have over flowed on some of the essences i tend to gather from crunching….

  2. I’m still int he high 60s and it feels like an endless grind.

  3. Why does it show recipes for things that you can’t do. It would be nice to know if it was a suffix or prefix. It’s been great for my 1st tr though, i now have my 1st ever usefull trinket. Trouble is he’s out-levelled my crafting skills.

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