Sep 082015


I have always wanted a quest or optional objective that required a dead man. The two scatter-noggins, Luedwig and Jasperpoo, Jasperpoo is Luedwig’s Cosmetic Companion, a Black Panther Cub, have been brainstorming “Outside-the-Box”. This is what Jasper came up with as an objective that would be worth Luedwig’s 10% quest XP. Luedwig thinks that the shrines would make better Salt and Pepper shakers but Hot Dog dispensing shrines would be pretty cool as well. Too bad they don’t take Mysterious Remnants…

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  1. S&P Shakers Cool – – – 10% XP? for having a pet out ???

    • Well, the 10% is referring to Luedwig losing his quest bonus due to the impending death so that he can use the res shrine and grab the bun. 🙂 but yeah, I have always felt that the shrines have lived a fairly one-dimensional meta existence.
      Plenty of room for the devs to plant random, moving Easter eggs to reward players that shrine with an active cosmetic.

      To be honest, I wouldn’t mind the occasional direct link to an exclusive offer in the DDOstore but could see how that might rub people the wrong way.

  2. The wiener shrine looks … wrong. So wrong.

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