Dec 202013

I completed the great 100 gold coin turn-in last night: that windy noise you hear is everyone’s twitter inbox heaving a heavy sigh of relief.

The results went exactly as predicted in DDO Wiki’s Festivult article: cakes, cookies, and more cakes and cookies. I appear to have had a 50% chance of pulling something unusual, but those odds are for normal people. Me, with the opposite of loot luck, I need something closer to a 90% chance to pull something special out of 100 attempts.

You doubt me? Even after reading this?

But I digress. This is science, people! We need graphs! And so, graphs we shall have. Or at least, graph (singular):

The Results of 100 Gold Coin Turn-Ins
Empirical research suggests I have no loot luck. As if we needed a study to determine that.

There you have it, everything that is not a cookie is a cake and vice versa. On the plus side, I really like almost all of the cookies and cakes. Here are the ten different things that this particular set of baked goods can do:

Gold Coin Cakes and Cookies

Dolurrh, the Realm of the Dead Jelly Cake Deathward
Hezrou Cookie Tensors Transformation
Kobold Cookie “Wondrous Power”
Owlbear Cookie Rage
Lord of Blades Cookie Lesser Slayer Boost
Shadow Cookie Shadow form
Succubus Cookie Mass Charm
White Abishai Cookie Fire Shield (cold version)
Xoriat, the Realm of Madness Jelly Cake Otto’s Dancing Sphere
Xyzzy Cookie Bee Breath

Not bad, not bad at all. Of these, my favorite is probably Bee Breath. This is the only way to get it in game, it is unique (I think? Or is that now similar to Creeping Doom the Druid spell?). One time when Oriental Adventures was leveling, she went on an old-school VON6 run. The leader wanted to use the Hero method, and as Oriental happened to have Kamas of Dragon Bane she was selected as the Hero.

But her real weapon in this case was a stack of Xyzzy cookies. As it turns out, Velah can absolutely be Bee Breath’d, and when under the effects of the cookie is unable to use her dragon breath weapon. Killing the dragon became the simplest of tasks, just stand there and swing away till she falls, reapply Xyzzy cookie as appropriate, no fire-dodging needed.

Of course, this was four or five years ago. I wonder if that is still true?

But I digress, again! Twice in one post. How slack.

So I now have another large-ish collection of a variety of cookies. Which I like, all of the effects are very useful when distributed to the correct character. I had fun with the live tweet too. All in all, I believe I will be counting “100 gold coins” as a win.

You know, I have another stack of 100 gold coins … actually I have a few other stacks …

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. While Bee Breath as an item is unique, the effect can randomly appear from Shiradi weapon effects. I gave my training dummy the Bees one day. I expected some honey afterwards, but alas…

  2. My favourite hand-in reward is probably still the Sun Blade, unbound FTW!

    I heard you could use bees on Xy’zzy, which would be some form of irony, no?

    It is a shame you did the hand-ins over two sessions, I wonder if that bucks the statistics? 😛

    What is this “Hero method” for VON?

    (So many GamerGeoff articles I need to catch up on…)

    • The “Hero method” is used (as far as I know anyway) only in Heroic runs. Basically, one person melees the dragon Velah, everyone else stands in a safe place, leaving the healers free to maximize cure spell efficiency and not worry about having to heal/raise/etc the whole party.

      It is pretty boring if you are not the hero. But it is in-arguably effective.

  3. I have turned in about 300 gold’s. No tomes or sunblades received.

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