Mar 122011
DDOCast is streaming live right now. One of their segments was an interview with Fernando Paiz conducted by our very own Steiner-Davion.

It was streaming, I couldn’t pause/rewind/restart, so this is not a transcript as much as a narrative of the interview.

More on the new Crafting system: Deconstruction

  • The weapon is destroyed and you can only get one aspect of that weapon
  • Examples: +5 OR the prefix OR the suffix Or weapon type
  • Recipes also must be unlocked
  • Anyone can level up in any of the three schools
  • There is an implication that it will be difficult or maybe impossible to become expert in all three crafting schools
  • Deconstruction only applies to random generated items: named items cannot be deconstructed

On Warner Bros

  • This is the first update from scratch under WB
  • WB trusts Turbine to run the game. No one in Burbank is calling to say what to do with DDO
  • WB is growing the team and getting the needed resources especially art

More on Challenge System quests

  • Variable CR/Difficulty – choose difficulty level 1-25
  • Variable CR doesn’t apply to scripted quests
  • Challenges give a different kind of experience as opposed to scripted stories
  • Designed to be faster. “What can I do if I only have ten minutes?”

Prestige Enhancements in Update 9

  • Sorceror gets Elemental Savant, four different lines (earth water fire air) will strengthen abilities with the chosen element but weaken other elemental abilities
  • Divine Avenger for favored soul comes with automatic debuffs and can be transferred to someone else in your aura*
  • At least two tiers available for all these prestige enhancements

* Fernando meant to say Angel of Vengeance. The specifics of this PrE have already been posted here.

What do you think?

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