Mar 122011

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  • Update 9 is slated for April
  • Fernando considers Shroud greensteel crafting to be “hardcore endgame”
  • German beta next week, hoping to have the full German launch with update 9*
  • Crystal Cove will be making an encore appearance
  • There were 200 different Kobold voice lines
  • A new house ward is coming later this year – a major addition to the city that adds richness to the backstory of the world of Eberron

* Changed to French and German in a later conversation with Steiner-Davion

Challenge System Questing

  • The Crystal Cove adventure is a “Collection Challenge”
  • This is a preview of an all-new quest system, the “Challenges system”
  • Challenge quests can give scores and rankings can be kept on a leaderboard
  • New Challenge System quests will not be in Update 9, but later this year (the “back half of the year”)

New crafting system

  • Is designed to apply to low level characters as well as high levels
  • Deconstruct an item into an essence, for instance, a +3 paralzying kama yields a paralyzing essence
  • Apply that essence to a different weapon, for instance a +5 bastard sword becomes a +5 paralyzing bastard sword
  • There are three different schools of crafting and a leveling/progression system Elemental, Divine, and Arcane
  • You master levels within each school by earning Crafting XP
  • You earn recipes with “Recipe Runs”, and recipes can be “mastered”, but no information is given on how that happens
  • You can craft something above your skill level and roll dice to see how it comes out
  • You may lose ingredients if you fail a crafting attempt
  • Some of the crafting will be available in update 9 but it is a big system and will also be included/upgraded in update 11 and all year long

Update 9 quests

  • Horror themed adventure pack themed around classic Xorian monsters (beholder, mindflayer, “things that mess with your mind”)
  • They had to work with WotC to extend the universe with some cool new monsters
  • High level 15+ but he expects it to be run from 12-19 or so

Warning: This section of the video had some spoiler stuff – be careful watching this if you want to avoid spoilers

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