Oct 042012

 The Halfling Commandos featuring Pugtastic the Barbarian
The Halfling Commandos featuring Pugtastic the Barbarian

It’s not going to make the Guinness Book of World Records. It won’t be in the paper. And sadly, like so many other DDO-related feats, it does nothing for his resume.

But so what. My friend and guild mate Chris completed his 200th Shroud run on one character (Pugtastic the Barbarian) last night. And just to add the exclamation point, we did it on Elite.

We did our best to make it a big deal for him – it wasn’t hard, he’d been excited about it for weeks – and he was very happy.

Now that DDO has become a game of TRs, achieving 200 completions of anything seems like quite the rarity. I have more than 200 shrouds altogether, at least so I imagine, can’t be sure, but I know for a fact that I don’t have any characters that are close to that, in one life, on any raid.

Buffing for the Big Finish
Buffing for the Big Finish

Pug got himself completely psyched up for the chance of getting a Yellow Dopant. I have no idea why, the last thing a character with 200 Shrouds needs is even more greensteel crafting materials, nonetheless he was very focused. I suspect it was more about the fact that he’d never had a Yellow Dopant than it was anything the Dopant would allow him to do.

But the DDO gods smiled on him for his 200th and made sure he got his Dopant too.

Altogether, a most excellent night, and one I am glad I was able to attend.

  • To my friend Chris: Huzzah!
  • To the various Halfling Commandos who accompanied him on those 200 raids: Huzzah!
  • To DDO for the ability to turn a regular old Wednesday into something special: Huzzah!

Good times.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. it was a special thing, and my 2 deaths didn’t even bother me. In the words of “Mister Universe” from Serenity “You guys always bring me the best violence”

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