Apr 042012
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The podcast “DDOCast” just recently uploaded its 250th episode.

250. Wow. That is a lot of podcasts. 250 of anything shows just a ton of dedication and hard work.

The podcast is an interesting mashup of DDO news, advice, and humor. I’m not able to listen every week but I do when I can, and I always enjoy when I do.

Founded by Jerry Snook, it started right after DDO first launched and has continued ever since. The show has featured a long list of contributors from the DDO community and allows pretty much anyone to come on and say pretty much anything.

Turbine developers and producers are frequent guests; they get softball questions, sometimes so softball it is unintentionally hilarious*, but no one here is trying to be “60 Minutes”. It’s all about fun, and I imagine that keeping it light is one of the reasons that devs don’t mind making frequent appearances.

* I am totally making this up but there have been times that a dev interview could be recapped like this:

DDOCast: So Mr. Turbine Developer, how awesome is this new change going to be?
Dev: Oh very awesome. Very.
DDOCast: Excellent! And thanks for the inside tip!

Speaking of Turbine, it seems they are listening to the DDOCast too. The above-mentioned founder Jerry Snook was snapped up by Turbine and is now Cordovan. Another major contributor, Merlask, was similarly snapped up earlier and is now Tolero.

Since Jerry’s departure the show has been produced by the husband and wife team of Anne and Sig Trent. Anne has an (occasionally) active and (always!) very well-crafted blog here and is a must-read whenever I see one of her posts. Sig is the guy who has the Request a Build, Get a Build thread on the forums and knows just about everything there is to know about building DDO characters. Together they put out a pretty slick show.

One big change since the Trents took over is that the show is now broadcast live every week and includes the opportunity to call in*. They’ve invested a ton of their time and no small amount of greenbacks to make the show more reliably interesting.

* It was pointed out by long-time DDOCast contributor Samius that Jerry actually pioneered live shows with call-ins. True true and cool cool.

Give it a listen. You’ll be glad you did.

Congratulations on 250 DDOCast!

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  1. Slight revision, Jerry brought in the live show and live calls. πŸ™‚

    But it was just a sting of numbers. Not the Lich line.

  2. Righto, like the live cast from GenCon. What I intended to convey was that the Trents make every broadcast a live event. I’ll update the post.

    Thanks for the correction πŸ™‚

  3. Listening to episode 250 part 1 right now πŸ™‚

    I’ve also started listening to the older episodes and am up to 50. It’s fun listening to them discuss updates that have now been in for years. Would definitely recommend it to people who haven’t listened to the show (shame on you!)

  4. I’ve been listening to this on occasion, it’s great that someone has made such a huge effort!

  5. Hey guys thanks for making the DDO cast. It means a lot to this Soldier!!

  6. Thanks for the mention πŸ™‚ It helps let folks know about the show and its always good to know people are enjoying it.

    I’d say the biggest change Anne and I made was just the overall structure. Jerry was more free form and we tend to chunk it up into formal sections. And of course I talk more about game mechanics and a bit less about social aspects and the overall show has followed that.

    One reason we do less dev interviews is based on what you mentioned. We tend not to be able to get any exclusive info without getting devs who give it in trouble with the brass. And giving them a hard time about this or that mistake is only going to get a canned answer or a “cant talk about that” response. So… there tends not to be a lot to talk about other than to ask them about what they have already announced or to get the thinking behind new features. Often the best parts are amusing stories about the dev process.

    Were thinking of shifting dev interviews to after releases where they can talk more freely about them and focus more on insight as to why, than news as to what.

    When I personally critique turbine, I try to say its my opinion/feeling on a think. AKA “I don’t like X very much” As a dev myself I hate to say any given thing is dumb or wrong or sloppy etc… I know how development/design happens and its not an easily controlled process, its more like herding cats.

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