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What we have here, is a failure to concentrate
This can’t be right. Can it?

One of the great mathematical mysteries of our time. My Gamer Girl, playing Kitaque, trying to throw a Heal spell while in the CR25 quest End of the Road on epic hard.

She rolls an 87. And fails! On an 87?

How can that be? 87!

Checking the wiki, the Concentration formula is:

10 + the amount of damage taken + spell level being cast.

She’d have needed to roll a 106? How does one even conceive rolling a 106? Is this just really another way to say “Concentration is useless on Epic”? I mean, 87 is not only not enough, it is nineteen points not enough? This means you’d essentially have to have quite a few more points in Concentration than you are taking in damage. An impossibility at Epic levels, and weird in a way too, that 90 point hit seems like a lot but it is only 14% of her hit points, this was by no means some sort of mortal blow. It’s a flesh wound.

Or is this working as it should? In first edition tabletop D&D, I don’t recall there being any chance to successfully cast when taking damage. It was why Melf’s Acid Arrow existed; to give you two or three rounds where the enemy caster was useless. Maybe Concentration is only supposed to protect you from minor hits, nicks and pock marks, glancing blows and incidental damage? Anything more than that should always interrupt your casting?

Is it even worth putting the 20 ranks into it if you aren’t a monk and don’t need it for Ki generation?

What do you think?

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  1. Yes, concentration is semi useless as epic levels. My cleric has high concentration, and I know I will fail it if I take damage. I think I will not bother to put so much points in it next time.

  2. I’ve found Concentration to be useful for most running around. In normal, low- to medium-damage activities it is perfect. It also has some use as a selectable skill choice for some dialog boxes in the Eveningstar quests. BUT, when that spell *must* be cast, Quicken wins everytime. (LOL…of course, you knew this already!)

  3. Wow, that’s amazing…and a bit scary. I know that I can remember people on the forums saying long ago to dump Concentration on casters and just take Quicken. Something to think about…

  4. I’d still take concentration on my casters, to help with scroll use – can’t apply quicken to those & in general it’ll still work, primarily because you’ll be running away & (hopefully) not getting hit.

  5. I take concentration, but some spells I have toggled to always Quicken, Heal being one of them, the casting time is a killer πŸ˜›

  6. One of many black and white solutions that could do with a good dash of grey. Consider letting some spells still cast but at reduced level effectiveness and/or metas detoggle? Might be worth discussion………

What do you think?

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