Jul 072015

Another life another trip to the epic levels, but wait this time a new class….what to do for gear….I know Eveningstar Commendations!!

If you have never checked out this gear you really should.  Turbine introduced it with the launch of Menace of the Underdark, the start of levels 21-28.  It is fairly easy to obtain and offers some solid bonuses as individual pieces and in sets.  In fact most of the time I feel it is so good that it is hard to justify replacing it as you level out.  Just run the Eveningstar quests and you will can choose commendations from the different groups, War Wizards (a classic), Purple Dragon Knights (true tough SOB), Clerics, Druids or Villagers.

What ever you are looking for it is there, healing amp…check….spell point reduction…sure….awesome longsword…why not…..you name it and most likely it is in there.  Bonuses that stack on bonuses….sure just mix and match like going to the buffet.

Here are just a few of my favorites.

Breastplate_of_the_Shining_Sun Leathers_of_the_Woodsman Oathblade Purple_Dragon_Gauntlets Star_of_Day War_Wizard's_Bracers

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  1. Lots of nice items. I think my favorite of that bunch is the Purple Dragon Gauntlets: 60% Healing Amp! Very useful for many builds.

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