Apr 292010

The Halfling Commandos have only one rule: you must be halfling. Lack of rules results in a casual, low-pressure atmosphere. But since there is only the one rule* we are kind of rigid about it.

* this was true before April 1 but now we have added a second rule: Pug is not allowed to quit.

Our apologies to the warforged named “Halflyng Commandos Transport“. Ditto, warforged “Halfliing Assault Armor“. Regrets, dwarf “Wannabe Halfling“. Very creative and kudos to you all, yet still, must be a halfling. An actual halfling.

Most of our players have non-halfling characters in addition to their Halfling Commandos. We’ve come up with a couple of solutions:

  • A guild alliance with Torchwood. Several of us have at least one non-halfling in Torchwood, and most of Torchwood (all but one?) has at least one halfling in the Commandos
  • Custom chat channel Commandos. Use of the chat channel lets us communicate no matter which character we are playing and whatever guild they may be in (if any)

I think there are people who put a halfling in the Commandos just so they could be part of the Commandos channel, and why not? it represents a pool of 20-30 online players (at least in prime time) who you know (to some extent) when filling groups.

And we’re completely fine with that. But then, part of the whole casual, low-key thing is that we are fine with pretty much anything.

What do you think?

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