Commando CommLink


That’s right Commando I’m talkin’ to you!

Post yer snarks, snaps and SitReps here and post ’em here now!

Best get on it, mister!

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  1. I like the gallery across the top like that

  2. Yup, the gallery’s nice there; wonder how you did that! (pm me with how :P) Your Bard is Hawt! 😉

  3. Love your page.

  4. I love your humor and the graphics you do are awesome. Keep it up and I’ll keep coming back for more.

  5. Loving the images ^^

  6. Greetings! I like your funny ‘stuff’! Tx for that.

  7. Thanks for your help with the song lyrics!

  8. Yay, you found the lyrics. Grats! 🙂

  9. something

    enjoying vacation. see you and the guild when i get back to vegas.

  10. Hey, Just rolled a halfling monk, is halfing companion worth having.

  11. @Kemoc – People rarely have it, but always love getting it. So … yes!

  12. Sure, just wished it was an aura instead of targeting one ally, would be nicer.

  13. i havee a 20 monk never use it

  14. OK, I have to comment to applaud the Knicker Tam build. As soon as I saw the tagline, I thought of River, and she is!

  15. hey everyone! thinkin of comin back soon:) I hope there is still room for me!-shuli

  16. cant log in,maintenance takes longer then they say 🙁

  17. Good day sir!

    I said GOOD DAY!

  18. Hurry back Shuli, Sorry about your issues Brban, and good day to you too Lizy 🙂

  19. Stumpled on to your page – love the posters! Thanks for posting them!

  20. I like the way you did your characters in a text widget — I’m gonna do the same!

  21. love the pic lol..ty for the info on the b-day event.

  22. Love your stuff! It’s hilarious! Totally made my morning so worth getting out of bed for! 😀

  23. Thanks for the comment! I’m honored. It was actually your page that got me interested in halfling characters! 🙂

  24. Like your MMOtivational posters. I hereby dub thee, “Sir Monty of Kyber” 😀

  25. The Dragonmark of Shadow gives me a +2 to hide and the ability to cast invisibility. Which is nicer than buying the potions of invis off the AH for 1.5-3k Plat.

  26. Oh dear! You smell everything? Well keep your nose away from me! I just got done running and am sure I stink. Last thing you need is to lose your sense of smell 😉

  27. Wow – you’ve been promoted…again. You’re back up in the “featured blogs” marquee. 😉

  28. Where did you go man, it’s been over a week

  29. I hope to see everyone again in game soon too! I am *seriously* running out of things to do.

  30. You… you… you CHANGED your iconic profile photo… Does this mean “up” is “down”? “left” is “right”? “night” is “day”? I’m so totally lost now.

  31. You changeded your picature! Now it looks like your about to get eated by a scary looking monker!

  32. Not to worry Mizz, Beholder and I go way back

  33. Okay. *Whew* Well, if he… she…(it?) ever tries to eat you, Ill sick my pet Raunchy Fishstick on it!! No Beholder monker can withstand the power of a Rauchy Fishstick!

  34. Was looking at your Knicker build…looks like a fun toon…hope you don’t mind but I think i am going to try mimic that toon. Don’t worry I will make a couple minor adjustments as to avoid “copyright infringement”…lol

  35. @MarQuileth Please feel free to copy any of my builds at any time!

  36. it’s been a month need new update

  37. We were racing ATVs and dirt bikes. I wrecked on a dirt bike.

  38. 🙂 Hello. I just joined the myddo group XD

  39. what is your toon on Kyber?

  40. Thanks for visiting Kyber/your a Gem….

  41. OMG organization and communication comes to ddo/luv your ideas… keep the genius coming!

  42. First, it’s your own Duchy, then it’s up in the featured section, and now it’s ‘promotion’ to “Demigod” by Krissonofpark. Just what kind of blackmail files you got, anyway? 😉

  43. Hahaha. Whatcha gonna do? Ground me? 😀

  44. You WISH you could. You see, after a certain incedent, I became *Ungroundable*

  45. *Sneaks up behind Mizzaroo and attaches an 8 AWG bare copper wire to her leg and a metallic water pipe* Now, you’re grounded. Hehehe. 😉

  46. Mr geoffhanna! Comics attacking me on your wall! You gonna just sit there and do nuthing? Beat him with a stick!

  47. Do NOT make me turn this blog around because I will!

  48. She started it. @Mizz: I’m not touching you…I’m not touching you…

  49. @Geoffhanna HUH?!?! Im confused now… @Comic Nuh uh! You started it! You tried to kill me!

  50. Oh wait, I just got the joke. XD

  51. 1500 on the secret moon base. DONT BE LATE. Heehee. Really though, Ill try to hop onto Sarlona and try to catch yuh there. I got some free slots over there anyhoo. Unless you dont have anything low leveled then Cannith.

  52. Thank for your read and your words. Means a lot coming from a guy who inspired my mean halfling, Lucibella:) I shall do my hardest to contiue:)

  53. KAHN! Oops, I mean, CON! 😉

  54. Hey, you. My comment on your GenCon post got stuck in “awaiting moderation”. 🙂

  55. There. Better.

  56. Something.!?

  57. How about: Icon, Yukon, we Alcon (allcon?) for GenCon.

  58. By Royal Decree you are hereby ordered to make an MMOtivational Poster involving these things: Birthdays, the number 22, fishsticks and cows. Good luck! (You did ask what my bidding was! 😉 )

  59. Anyone in the mood for a birthday party with beef flavored fishsticks…22 of them?

  60. so Epic Gianthold after U17 that should replace wednesday night shroud runs

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