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Coin inquires about updating her beloved Blue Dragon Scale armor
Coin inquires about updating her visually awesome Blue Dragonscale Armor

It appears to be ever my fate to finish chronicling something complicated in DDO only to have it changed almost immediately on publication.

And so it is with my recent currently-but-briefly-definitive DragonDex series. Update 17 is coming (soon, it is already on Lamannia) and will add a great deal of new dragon information. Apparently the main opponents in the update are draconic. But in addition, we get Epic black, blue and white dragon scale armors.

I took a quick turn on the preview server to check them out.


  • +7 Enhancement  +8
  • Draconic Resilience
  • Heavy Fortification
  • Protection +7 +8
  • Shield Bonus +6 +8
  • Superior Cold Resistance
  • Empty Blue Augment Slot


  • +7 Enhancement +8
  • Draconic Mind
  • Greater Spell Penetration IX
  • Greater Arcane Lore Major
  • Potency 80
  • Superior Lightning Resistance
  • Empty Blue Augment Slot


  • +7 Enhancement +8
  • Draconic Ferocity
  • Haste Guard
  • Armor-Piercing 15% 20%
  • Relentless Fury
  • Superior Acid Resistance
  • Empty Blue Augment Slot

The “Draconic” attributes are a set bonus, and apply only if you are also wearing the appropriate color of Dragon Helm. They award bonuses of type “Artifact” which will stack with everything, but they are not dramatic awards. Draconic Resilience is 50 hit points. Draconic Mind is 15 universal spellpower. Draconic Ferocity is 3% double strike and +2 damage on ranged/thrown attacks.

I can’t tell what they look like when equipped, only what their attributes are and how much they cost.

  • 20 Flawless scales of the appropriate color
  • 10 of each of the three types of Restored Relic
  • 3 Heroic Commendations

Unlike Cormyrian armors, there doesn’t seem to be a favor requirement. If you can afford the armor, you can have it.

Personally, I suspect the Blue will be most desirable as it is the only thing in the entire game that has Greater Spell Penetration IX. The white is pretty good armor for a tank. The black on the other hand seems like it will be less popular. It is decently helpful for a DPS character, but it is only incrementally better than the Heroic version of Black Dragon Scale armor and no one wears that at end game.

I suspect the greatest flaw, it there is one, is that all three of the new Epic dragon scale armors are minimum level 25. This means that even if they are the premium available armors as of update 17 – and really I am not certain about the white or black in this regard – even if so, it will not last. New Epic armors and new ways of using existing armors and gear come out constantly, and soon the Dragon Scale armors will be surpassed.

Why grind for 53 items to get a set of armor that you can’t wear until cap when there (inevitably) will be other armors at cap level that are at least as effective and also easier to get.

I expect this means the new armors will have a brief shelf life. Whereas if they were minimum level 22, for example, they would likely be the premium armors at range 22-25 for awhile, maybe forever, and fill a role that will justify acquiring the set and keeping them in your bank even when outgrown.

But this is a small flaw, if you even agree that it is one at all. Mainly I am excited about the new dragon scale armor. I wonder if it looks the same as the Heroic versions? I kind of hope so, those are among the best-looking armors in the game, still, all these years later, and even considering cosmetic armor kits. Three of my characters still wear their Heroic versions, sacrificing the possibility of greater usefulness in the armor slot in return for visual awesomeness.

Yes, I said it, visual awesomeness. And it is.

I will be working on mine as soon as update 17 releases. Blue for Coin, White for Brymn, Black for Child of Murder on Khyber.

Lots and lots of dragon scale farming in my future.


🙂 😀 🙂

[Edit] Marked up to include Feather of Sun’s latest design changes (even though the versions on Lamannia have not yet been updated

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  1. Ah Geoff – I swear he was waiting for you to post this 🙁

    Upgrades to epic dragonscale armour


  2. Who knows? Maybe the level cap will be raised again in a future update and those armors will be popular for level range… say… 25 – 28?

  3. Dear DDO gamer/Geoffhanna,

    It is good to see someone exited about DDO but please try to constraint yourself and try to accurately portray the information.

    As for your opinion on the black scale armor, melee’s get a large boost to their damage output if they can crit their opponent (up to 9X on a Legendary Dreadnought Frenzied Berserker barbarian).
    The curent top dps armor is the Coromyr red scale, with its +10 bonus to confirm crits and damage before multiplier(=90).
    A number of (raid)bosses have 50% or more fortification, as do constructs and undead.
    The red scale armors don’t help me taking those bosses down.
    Having a black scale armor, improved sunder and the right gear can help you to bring down said boss in no time. Although i agree the bonus could have been higher, black scale does have its place in end game.

    i literature it is common place to refer to your source, here is a link to the new loot, on the first post there are links to the new Augment system and dragon scale armors:


    the blasting chime stacks with blackscale and sunder and can bring fort down to 50% on a construct

    Raid bosses (many thanks to DDOWiki)

    Many raid bosses have 50% or more fort:
    Arach’s Knight (100%)
    Black Abbot(100%)
    Blood Plate(50%)
    Conjoined Abishai Devastator (50% on epic)
    Horoth (50-80%)
    Lolth’s Immanence (unknown)
    Lord of Blades (80%)
    Nythirios (50-80%)
    Queen Lailat (80%)
    Razor Arm (50%)
    Sor’jek Incanni (0%, lv 10 tempest spine)
    Stormreaver (0%, lv 14 ish?)
    Suulomades (50-80%)
    The Jailer (50%)
    The Judge (50&)
    Titan Mk II (100%)
    Titan Mk III (100%)
    Toven d’Cannith (0%, remember, the titans are the real bosses)
    Velah (50%) VoN endboss on epic
    Warforged Titan (100%)
    Xy’zzy (0%, this is a special case where only extreme barbs can hurt her in the pupy fase, otherwhise she has a huge DR)

    source: http://ddowiki.com/page/Raid_bosses

    remember that the end boss of the new raid in U17 will be a lich (undead), so the black scale armor will help t00.

    Conclusion, black dragon scale has a place in end game, how lackluster the rest of its stats might be.

  4. Hm…Doesn’t Planar Erudition set give you Spell Penetration IX ?
    So I blue armor is the second thing in game to have this effect. 😀
    Great post, tnx for all the info.

  5. @Csila: there are a couple of items with spell pen IX, one of the ioun stones, your planar trinkets, something else I forget. But Greater spell pen IX is much more unusual.

    @Thor: I won’t disagree with your opinion, we agree that it is DPS armor, and I hope you are right and it proves very popular. Although the heroic version has armor piercing and I never see that on anyone. Maybe the extra 5 or 10 percent will prove irresistible :). As for source, I prefer to see for myself when possible. I simply logged onto Lamannia and looked.

  6. Greater spell pen IX is available on tier 3 alchemical items AND Tier 3 Stormreaver’s Tablecloth (also from epic gianthold)

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