May 062015

Fix the Mouse Wheel Bug already!

Warning: Angry Rant Ahead. Proceed at your own peril. You have been warned.

Imagine that you are playing DDO in first-person view. Maybe you don’t have to imagine, maybe you already do this. Monsters look much more fierce in person than they do from isometric distance. Everything looks more fierce. It is a much more personal way to play, and much more immersive. Fun.

But also, much more difficult. DDO was not designed for FPV; it was added after the game launched. But it was sort of slapped on, in such a way that none of the visual cues that you get when playing isometrically are available. You cannot tell what weapon you have equipped, or if you successfully cast a spell. Even worse, Turbine’s decision to allow all of the players and their summonses to stand inside each other mean that an FPV player spends a lot of time trying to see out of a warforged. Or an owlbear.

The remedy is to be able to quickly and easily pull your point of view back a couple of feet and take a look around, returning to FPV again when you have what you need. And, voila, the mouse wheel allows exactly that! Easily accessible, even in the stress of combat, pull your POV back and forth as you need with the push of a finger.

Ah but wait. There is a bug in the DDO mouse wheel that causes it to stop working whenever you (open an inventory bag/do something else we have never clearly defined in inventory) and when this happens, the only solution is to log the character out restart the game client to “restart” the wheel.

Suddenly, in the middle of combat, you realize you have lost a key ability to see. Yes, there is a keyboard equivalent (the plus and minus keys) but they are on the keyboard. No one who learned to play MMOs in WASD/mouselook mode has a free hand to click pluses on the keyboard. Not in a fight.

This bug is annoying for everyone, but if you are a first-person-view player this is a major quality-of-life issue. Major.

Yet the bug is now somewhere around eight years old. Think about that. Imagine being a player who experiences a major quality of life issue – for years – bug reporting it as they are told to do, working around it, but to no avail. Meanwhile, places where we can jump to shorten a quest (or upgrade an epic weapon with heroic ingredients) get fixed immediately – sometimes, in days. While you are regularly forced to log out and log back in restart your game client for a stupid bug, and have been for years.

Don’t believe me? Here is someone referencing this bug as a long-term annoyance in 2011. Four years ago, it was already an old, long-standing bug.

And now to make it personal, my Gamer Girl is a first-person-view player. For me, this is not some abstract issue but something that I see my love go through every time we play.

I’ve tried being nice. I’ve mentioned this bug off-hand, jokingly, kindly, over and over and over. And yet the bug persists.

Take some pride in your work, Turbine. I know that sounds harsh, but this isn’t some esoteric calculation with weird timing involved, it is mouse input. Just about the most fundamental thing that exists in a PC game. How can you ignore a flawed mouse operation for eight years?

Enough is enough. There is just no excuse for this.

Fix the damn mouse wheel bug already.

🙁 >:( 🙁

[Edit] I thought logging out was enough to fix the bug but apparently one needs to actually restart the client. I changed references to “logging out” to reflect this.

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  1. As a PM for Major Systems Acquisitions for DoD I couldn’t agree more. I’m not even an FPS player and I find it incredibly annoying. I Alt-Tab all the time. How about a release that just fixes bugs? Nothing says quality like WAI.

  2. It is actually more annoying than logging off and back on to fix, you have to restart the client. To make it even worse, my favorite character is a druid and my dog companion ship buffs go away when I re-log.

    Years ago I virtually stopped using my hireling folders (paid for with real money) to help avoid the bug as much as possible.

    Even though I take steps to avoid the bug, annoying in itself, I still experience the bug often.

  3. I never knew what caused this and that you have to actually restart the client to reset it. Wow, what a pain for those who like to quest in first person view.

  4. We’d love to be able to get a way to consistently reproduce this bug. Being able to re-create it has been difficult.

    I just spent ten minutes zooming in and out of 1st person view, opening bags, fighting mobs, casting spells/SLAs/Enhancements, chugging potions, etc. and could not get this to happen. Any tips?

  5. Minor point for accuracy: the numpad scroll keys are ‘7’ and ‘9’…

    That said, the bug is a royal PITA even for non-FPV players.

  6. I always assumed this only happened to me and was a quirk with my setup. At least now I know that it’s not my fault. Thanks Geoff!

  7. Ignoring the fact that I probably can’t tell what weapon(s) I’m using no matter the viewpoint … I’m glad you finally did a post on this. No one ever knows what I’m talking about when I tell them about this bug, now they can listen (or read) the the wise Gamer Geoff!

    I have noticed you can still scroll chat windows, but not quick bars (Ctrl+Mouse Wheel), so it’s still “working”, just not for zoom. And of course it’s still working out of client, to all those people that try to tell me my mouse is broken, as Gamer Geoff® has pointed out, this is a very DDO specific bug.

  8. Ah! I never realized this was a “BUG” I just thought my mouse was dying 🙂

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