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Stone of Change
This Stone of Change is next to the tower of The Twelve

The Collectible Digest

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Technically, this discussion goes beyond the simple existence of collectible recipes. One could write an entire, complex article about the functioning of the Stone of Change. And in fact, one has, or probably more than one seeing as how it is crowd-sourced, check it out on DDO Wiki.

But this article is part of the Collectible Digest and is freed from the need to discuss anything beyond collectibles.

“So then”, one may ask, “why am I spending an entire article talking about the way that collectibles can be used as Alchemical Ritual ingredients?” There are only five Alchemical recipes that use collectibles, there are a lot more Cannith Crafting recipes that use collectibles (420 in fact!) and I am not going to be writing about that. So what gives?

Because these five recipes are the most powerful things you can do with a collectible. Better than the turn-ins we discussed yesterday, better than Cannith Crafting, better than anything. Let’s take a look at the rituals:

Collectibles and Alchemical Rituals

Alchemical Ritual Effect Ingredient
Dodge Ritual +1 Alchemical Dodge bonus to AC String of Prayer Beads
Vial of Pure Water
Shield Ritual +1 Alchemical bonus to AC Tome: Prophecies of Khyber
Silver Flame Hymnal
Force Damage Ritual +1 point force damage Luminescent Dust
Fragrant Drowshood
Force Critical Ritual +1d4 points force damage on critical Sparkling Dust
Deadly Feverblanch
Resistance Ritual +1 competence bonus to saves Lightning-Split Soarwood
Funerary Token

The table tells part of the story but not all of it: the most powerful aspect of alchemical rituals is that they can be applied to anything. Named items, green steel, anything, and they stack. Do you have the latest hotness raid item? This will go on there. Do you have an awesome rapier with the perfect combination of prefix, suffix and augment? This will go on there too. Does it already have a Risia Festival enchantment like Festival Icy Burst? That’s okay this will still go on there too.

And that is the power. The best armor in the game can be made incrementally better. The best trinket. The best weapon. The best shield.

Performing an Alchemical Ritual

  1. First select the item you are going to enchant. The armor ritual goes on armor (or robe or outfit or docent). The shield ritual can only go on shields, the damage rituals are for weapons (including handwraps) while the resistance ritual can go on any jewelry (including trinkets)
  2. Next, prepare the item by “Binding and attuning it”. This is sort of a pre-ritual, where you put the item into the Stone of Change along with a small pile of Khyber Dragonshards. To be technical, the required number of shards is (min level of the item squared) but it is adequate to just put in a few hundred, you’ll get your change
  3. Last, put the “Bound and Attuned” item back in the Stone along with the correct quantity of other ingredients.

Voila, your item is now incrementally improved.

Note: there are side effects to having an item “Bound and Attuned”:

  • PRO: It will no longer take permanent damage when repaired
  • CON: It is now bound to character

This is why you can always sell a Lightning-Soaked Soarwood on the Auction House. And why Strings of Prayer Beads are often listed 15 at a time, and Funerary Tokens 22 at a time.

This is only my opinion, but I suspect that most players polled would agree that this is the best thing you can do with a collectible. Too bad there are not more Alchemical Ritual recipes.

Incremental improvements for everyone!

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  1. Alchemical rituals are really cool. Did players find these recepies or did the devs give them to us? In other words, are there potentially secret recepies out there?

  2. Wait… They stack? So… If I do the dodge one twice I get +2 dodge? Or did you mean something else?

  3. I think he means they stack with everything else not itself, because you can only have one Alchemical Eldritch Ritual on an item.

  4. I tend to use the adamantine ritual on a lot of my characters as greensteel especially actually has a relatively low hardness & can take a lot of damage in quests – having your trusty lit2 or min2 stick break can be very annoying.

  5. @Mizz: He means they will stack with the other types of bonuses. If you try to add a “second” dodge bonus, it will “replace” the first one. I don’t think (but you should check the Wiki, to be sure) that you can have more than one of these rituals on any given item. πŸ˜‰

    @Adiurd: If I recall my DDO history correctly, they were all “trial and error” recipies found by the players (but don’t quote me – I’m an engineer, not an historian). I suppose there *might* be others, but just look at how complete the Shroud recipies were (on the wiki) before the barter-box system came along – and they were also all “trial and error” by the player base (again, if I recall my DDO history correctly – but don’t quote me).

  6. Yes I mean they stack with other things and not on top of themselves.

    Having said that, there _is _ one ritual you can stack multiple times, But you have to increase the ingredients each application: the Adamantine ritual that makes things harder. But it doesn’t use collectibles so it isn’t listed here. Check out the Wiki page for all of the Stone of Change recipes.

  7. Oh okay thanks!

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