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Day Three of tackling the new enhancements finds us examining Coin Serf, the Hagglebot with Benefits.
I originally planned to skip Coin when writing these articles. She has a very dedicated but unusual purpose, and I felt that might limit her usefulness as an example.

But I have had a change of heart. Mainly because I have less choice than anticipated, as the Character Copy tool that allows characters to access Lamannia has gone MIA. It used to be part of myDDO, and the supposed new link to it does not actually exist.

So I am left to use whoever is on Lamannia already. Meaning, Coin.

Now that my mind has been changed for me, I am warming to the topic, this ought to work out pretty well. Not in spite of Coin’s specialization, but because of it. Can the new enhancements continue to support a character with 72 Haggle, 59 UMD, 47 Open Lock, and still allow her to be a pretty decent DPS caster?

It may be a more interesting and informative illustration than I had anticipated. On the live servers, Coin selects enhancements (and feats and items and everything) based on a ruthless Haggle-first priority.

Next is anything that will help with DPS casting. Then UMD. Open Lock was recently added to her priority list, but it was added as the last priority.

This ruthless prioritization is why Coin may be the only Sorceror ever to have both Negotiator and Skill Focus: Haggle.

But I digress. On with the enhancement comparison:

This article is part of a series where I am trying to get my brain up to speed on the new enhancement system. I’m doing it in the context of my characters, examining them one at a time, attempting to rebuild them on Lamannia as they are on the live servers, then stepping back and comparing the before and after versions.


Old Enhancements New Enhancements
  • Action boost Rogue Skills 1
  • Improved Haggle 1
  • Improved Maximize 2
  • Improved Concentration 3
  • Spellpoints 4
  • Air Savant 3
  • Cold Damage 5
  • Cold Critical Chance 3
  • Cold Critical Damage 3
  • Lightning Damage 7
  • Lightning Critical 5
  • Lightning Critical Damage 5
  • Racial Toughness 2
  • Halfling DEX 2
  • Rogue DEX 1
  • Sorceror CHA 3
  • Awaken Elemental Weakness
  • Electric Loop
  • Lightning Botl
  • Shocking Grasp
  • Feather Falling
  • Wind Dance
  • Charming +3 to skills including Haggle
  • Efficient Empower 3
  • Efficient Maximize 3
  • Air Savant adds Lightning spell power and caster level
  • Air Affinity adds Lightning spell power and caster level
  • Conduction adds Lightning spell power and caster level and to opponent damage
  • Greater Air Affinity adds Lightning spell power
  • Light on your Feet adds Lightning spell power and caster level
  • Alternating Current 10% Chance to regain spell points when casting Lighting
  • Electrocution adds to Lightning spellpower when casting Lighting
  • Pierce Electric Resist 3: penetrate 15 points of enemy Electric resist
  • Water Affinity adds cold spell power and caster level
  • Water Savant adds cold spell power and caster level
  • Greater Water Affinity adds cold spell power and caster level
  • Absolute Zero 10% Chance to regain spell points when casting Cold
  • Hoarfrost adds to Cold spellpower when casting Cold
  • One with the Storm: 10% Electric resist
  • Acrobat – use DEX to hit with staves
  • CHA 2

Now that I have done this a few times, some patterns are beginning to emerge. Four in particular:

  • Everyone is going to have more active abilities that require more buttoneering
  • All of the Prestige Enhancement abilities that used to come with the PrE for free have been “unbundled” and now must be purchased separately
  • Stat improving buffs are nerfed overall
  • Hit points are going down

Spell critical chance is going down too. And in Coin’s case, unlike Brymn, she is losing spellpower. On the live servers she has 52 universal spellpower but 132 cold and 184 lightning. On Lamannia she has 100/115/157.

But then on Lamannia she has abilities that increase her spellpower each time she casts a spell. Maybe it will be a wash.

Overall, I think Coin ends up pretty much the way she started. She’s lost a couple of MPH off of her UMD and Open Lock fastball but is still able to hit 72 peak Haggle. And she’s still a decent DPS caster.

She’s still going to die a lot, really a lot, but then she always does.

The more things change, the more Coin is probably a soulstone. Same as she ever was.

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  1. I’m trying to find a little time to do a similar comparison using two Monks I copied over before the Copy tool went bye-bye. I’ve been trying to TR one toon but the Hearts of Wood I buy there go MIA and I can’t find them anywhere in my inventory

    I’m not especially pleased on the Monk breakdown overall and need to get my issues to the devs. Seems we need freedom from choice (too many variables) rather than freedom of choice.

    • Don’t forget the free LR everyone got when MotU was released. I’m interested to see how the comparison works out

  2. I’m very interested in these reports! Incredibly useful information for those of us who enjoy the character building process as a major part of the game.

  3. Loss of HP: One of the first things I noticed was that human racial toughness went away. This was odd, to me (I use it all the time). But it was pointed out that ‘buried’ somewhere in the Lama fora (sorry, “forums”) the devs stated essentially that racial toughness was “more or less free now” (Eladrin) and “We’ve taken out most of the racial toughness enhancements. We had previously found that Toughness was considered mandatory by many players and wanted to make it more of a choice than before. Instead, we’ve added +5 HP to Heroic Durability (a feat that all characters start with at level 1), and characters also gain +5 HP when you taking the 5th, 10th, and 15th class levels for any class. (That’s tied to class levels, not character levels, at this time.)” (Vargouille).

    But since Human RT could give as much as +40HP, yes, they are still going down (just maybe not quite as much as you thought).

  4. OOPS – meant human RT could give +30HP (it’s the fighter toughness, which could give up to +40HP. Of course, now that it’s [currently] tied to SD PrE AP spending, my fighters are going to lose A LOT of HP – no way I’m spending 40 AP just to have the +40HP I used to).

  5. These are great reports! i’m a little worried about the new enhancement system if i’m honest. There will definitely be an adjustment period but it looks like a decent system overall. Time will tell, of course, but it’s fun to learn a bit about it ahead of time here.

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